an interesting strengths and weaknesses study stories

Australian zoologist Davidson has been studying the habits of monkeys. Once,he came to the Amazon,took two monkeys back,and placed them in two cages,feeding them carefully every day,and observing them at any time.

One year later,one monkey was healthy and the other died unfortunately. Davidson was puzzled.According to the eyes of ordinary people,if two monkeys must die,the dead one should be the one that is still alive.Because when brought back,the dead monkey was big and strong,but the living one was thin and weak.

Is it just accidental? Davidson conducted two similar experiments of strenghts and weaknesses comparision,and the big, strong monkey still died within a year.

Davidson couldn’t sit still and came to the Amazon again.This time he simply lived in Brazil with a lot of monkeys.After more than half a year of observation and research,he finally figured out why the big monkeys who had been caged would die.

It turns out that every big and robust monkey is easy to be accepted by other monkeys.It is also happy to be with other monkeys.Once free,it shuttles among the monkeys,and at the same time can get the food that other monkeys worship.Such monkeys are most afraid of isolation,and once they lose their freedom,they are often kept in cages for less than a year. Those thin monkeys are not.No one likes to deal with them and has been isolated for a long time, so they have learned independence.

An interesting phenomenon,or paradox of life emerges: the strong become the weak of survival,and the weak become the strong of survival.It can’t help but think of a story that happened during World War II.

In the concentration camps of Buchenwald-Nazi in eastern Germany, caregivers created a unique way of execution.

There is a Mount Etx near the concentration camp.There is a bottomless canyon between the mountains.A steel cable is pulled up from the canyon. When the death row was about to be executed,the guards took them to the canyon and told them that whoever can climb the steel rope with bare hands will be free.

Supposedly,compared with being shot by a gun or a knife,this has a certain hope of survival.However,a male prisoner crawled and fell into the abyss, two, three … ten … thirty,without exception.This is why the guards dare to play this “death game”,because the steel cable is 2 kilometers long,and the prisoners have been tortured enough.

However,a miracle appeared.

One day,another death row was brought in by the Nazi guards.When the prisoner climbed about one-third,the two executioners began to drink and talk to each other,because the one who climbed the rope was Emily woman. They thought that not even a male prisoner could crawl past it,let alone the thin and cowardly woman.

The two guards drank,and one of them was unavoidable,and he could not help looking at the woman shaking with the wire from time to time.The woman has climbed more than halfway,and the cautious person said to his companion, “Will a miracle happen to this woman?” The companion repeatedly waved his hand and said, “No,we just drink and chat.”

The cautious people were afraid that the woman would successfully reach the opposite bank.They would be punished by their superiors.He was drunk and drunk,so he shot at the woman.At this time the fog in the canyon was getting heavier,and even the woman’s shadow could not be seen Emily finally became the first person to escape the clutches of death.

Researchers said that Emily’s ability to climb over the steel cable was due to her inner peace.The male prisoner didn’t keep the steel rope in his eyes at the beginning,and with the eagerness to survive,when he reached the steel rope,he tried his best to crawl,and finally couldn’t help it.Emily crawled slowly,and she could crawl for a while at first,then rested on the wire rope, closed her eyes for a while,or looked at the misty languid in the canyon. Because she belongs to the weak,she has no stubborn capital.


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