disposable medical face mask

Ordinary residents use disposable protective masks in places where the risk is relatively low. They can be reused when the masks are clean and the structure is complete, especially when the inner layer is free of pollution. They should be placed in a clean, dry and ventilated room after each use. . In addition, spraying disinfectant, including medical alcohol, can reduce the protection efficiency, so it is not appropriate to use alcohol spray to disinfect the mask.

The re-use of masks must be divided into specific situations. If you are alone, such as not having contact with outsiders at home, you can not wear masks, including in a private car,or outdoors alone;while slipping in the community, in a park with few pedestrians walking here, these are definitely wearing face masks.

However, public places with dense entry and exit personnel,including shopping malls,taking elevators,including meeting rooms,and going to ordinary medical institutions (except for local consultations), can use ordinary medical masks, which is what we call disposable medical Masks.

In this case,put the mask on a clean,dry and ventilated place after returning home, and you can reuse it.

For staff in intensive locations, including military and epidemic-related industry personnel, administrative personnel, police, security guards, couriers, etc., it is recommended to use medical surgical masks, which can be extended according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, if there is no obvious dirty deformation of the mask, you do not need to change it every four hours,as there will be not available medical masks for sale near by. But if there is dirt, deformation, damage, or smell, you need to replace it in time.

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