ceramic dental lab burs online

Dental lab burs classification

Dental hp carbide burs

Dental hp carbide burs are used for finishing gold, other metals and acrylic plastic materials in dental laboratory for the model production.

dental hp carbide burs classification

Feature of the dental laboratory carbide burs

1 – Double Cut: Very efficient stock removal. Creates a small chip. Good finish. Excellent operator control.
2 – Single Cut: General purpose fluting. Produces long chips.
3 – Nonferrous: For nonferrous materials. Aggressive stock removal.
4 – SP Chip Breaker: Provides breakdown in chips. Better control.
5 – Diamond Cut: For heat treated and tough alloy steels where control is important. Creates a powder-like chip. Excellent finish.
6 – Coarse Cut: Provides large flute area for softer ferrous materials. Fast stock removal.
7 -Fine Cut: For general use on hard materials requiring a fine finish.

dental lab carbide burs

The dental lab carbide burs manufacturring process

dental lab carbide burs manufacturing process

More over the ceramic dental lab burs is used for the application of denture restoration,there is no need of the watering cool during the polishing process.

ceramic dental lab burs

The dental lab polishing brushes are used for the porcelain ceramic polishing,there are brush handle and dental lab lathe burs available.

dental laboratory tools kit
dental laboratory tools kit

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