Criticisam make great progress

When the ancient thinker Mo Zi was giving a lecture,a bird was wailing softly outside the window,the disciples looked out,and Geng Zhu glanced at it.Afterwards,Mo Zi scolded him alone Geng Zhu was sad and complained, “I made no more mistakes than others.Why was I severely blamed?” Mo Zi asked him,”If you want to drive a horse and sheep up the Taihang Mountain,would you choose to whipped the horse or whipped the sheep?” Gengzhu replied: “Of course you have to whipped the horse.” Mozi asked him why this was the case. Gengzhu said: “Because the horse runs fast, it is worthwhile.” Mozi said, “Because you are like a horse and not a sheep, Worthy of criticism. “

In the process of growing up, in the face of blame, even the fault-finding of eggs, don’t just feel wronged, let alone break the jar. Imagine if you didn’t care about you, how could you criticize you? In the eyes of critics, you are a “horse worthy of beating.” Therefore, in the face of blame, we should accept it frankly, if there is one, we will change it, and if there is no one, we will encourage it. If you try hard to justify looking for objective factors and not for your own reasons, the more you do, the more others will lose confidence and you will lose the opportunity to improve yourself.It is these picks that give you the opportunity to be perfect,help you improve your personality, and make you calm in every major event.

Choose whether to be a whipped fast horse or a non-whipped sheep,it will determine whether your life is glorious or mediocre.


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