flirting in daily life

A daily conversation between a couple of young guy.

What is you blood type?

O type.

No,you are my type.

What is flirting ?

In fact, flirting is like two people with rubber bands. Anyone who uses too much force and suddenly let go may hurt each other.

There is no relationship that stipulates who must take the initiative and who must wait passively.

Flirting is an act that implies the possibility of further sexual contact, but there is no guarantee that this possibility will be fulfilled. In other words, flirting is an unsecured promise of sexual intercourse.

The subtlety of flirting is precisely that: maintaining the necessary balance between “commitment” and “no guarantee”.

Therefore, a comfortable relationship can neither be fully satisfied nor completely dissatisfied, but must be properly satisfied. Beautiful feelings must be created by two people, making progress together and retreating together, and when one side first makes a change, the other side will also change accordingly.

When you can clearly identify each other’s needs and make adjustments, you have put your feelings on a new track, the past is passing away, and a new journey has begun.

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