sirona lithium dislicate dental block

dental lithium dislicate block cad cam

The lithium dislicate CADCAM is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic suitable for CAD/CAM process. The ceramic block is partially crystallized (light purple) in the CAD/CAM process, which is easy to grind, cut. After the processing is completed, the crystallization is performed at 840-850 degrees using a porcelain oven. The entire crystallization process takes only about 25 minutes, and the ceramic block has almost no shrinkage during the crystallization process, which is the preferred material for the aesthetic restoration.


For crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and anterior bridges (up to three units without molars)


Expected treatment of tooth color
Prepare the color of the abutment
Prosthesis type and thickness
Prosthesis production process
Crown bonding material and color
Aesthetic restoration indications

Dental CAD/CAM Lithium Dislicate Glass Ceramic Block
Product Name glass ceramic ingots press
 Type denture material
 Material lithium dislicate 
 Size 18*15*13mm, 14*15*15mm
 Color A-D16, BL1-BL4, MO0-MO4
 Transparency HT, LT
 Package 5pcs/pack
 Weight 0.05kg/pack
 OEM available 

The sirona dental glass ceramic block is most popular in the market,while we can supply the open dental cad cam milling system consumable,it is compatiable with the wieland,sirona mcx5,Vhf,Roland etc.

wieland glass ceramic dental block

Except the above dental cad cam restoration blocks,the zirkonzahn zirconia blocks,wieland dental zirconia blank are available. offers kinds of the zirconia block buy online

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