Dental lab sandblaster

The dental sandlasting equipment main purpose is to polish surface of porcelain crowns restoration,it is a very necessary dental lab equipment for model restorative production.

Dental sandblaster is bulid in dust drawer,so the dental lab working enviroment clearance is available.

dental lab sandblaster
dental lab sandblaster

Dental sandblasting machine is equiped with LED Lighting and redesigned lid for dust free operations.

Dental sandblaster technique

Power:AC110V 60Hz 10W

Air pressure:0.8Mpa

Work air pressure:0.5Mpa

Air feed:0.3m3/min


Package size:430×420×350(mm)

Gross weight:18kg

Dentsma is a china dental lab equipment manufactuers,the dental lab products all type of purpose are available.

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