too much burden in life

A wise man said to his ten disciples, I now have some expensive shoes that can be given to each of you, because everyone has only one pair of feet and cannot wear two pairs of shoes at the same time, so I can only give one pair . At this time, a particularly smart disciple said, if I can wear two pairs of shoes at the same time, can you give me two pairs? The wise man said, of course, you can prove that you can wear two pairs of shoes at the same time, then I am happy to complete you. The wise man took two pairs of shoes from the wise man at once. One pair of shoes was worn on two feet, while the other pair of shoes stretched out both hands, and then lay down and walked to show everyone.

Nine disciples exclaimed, this kid’s head was talent. After a little while, he had two pair of shoes. The wise man laughed and said, I still have one thing, I would like to invite everyone to participate. Nine of you also put the shoes you just took on your feet, and now you ten of them are lined up in a row, while walking towards the big tree ten meters in front. The disciple who wears two pairs of shoes walks with them. The wise man also said, ten people compare one to another, to see who reaches the end as soon as possible, if someone is the last one, I have to take back his shoes.

Everyone started running together, and finally when everyone reached the finish line, the smart disciple, like a turtle, was still crawling slowly. The result of the race was, of course, the disciple who wanted to get two pairs of shoes. In the end, he did n’t even get one pair of shoes.

The wise man said, you need to understand that people need to dress up on the way forward. Too much weight on their body is a burden. Where can they run fast? Life is alive, there are many desires, it is not cecessary to load too much more.

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