E-commercial site business plan

E-commerce site one is almost on the seo traffic road,what i need to do is to wait the traffic coming and money hit the account.This process is most of guy called gainning the Google trust.A small niche product fullfills the following key points:

  • Expertise:Visitor will get the point when scan on computer or mobile;
  • Authority:Off page seo,fews of sites, is from DA 50: Press release,edu,org,dentistry jounal site.
  • Trust:Both profession dentist or lab technican and Google trust it!


E-commerce site one

  • Blog Content  update 1 article per month;
  • Off page seo key word:Dental lab supply,dental lab material,link building each one from high authority DA 50 per month;
  • Monthly task:Selected 10-15pc lower competition key word based on real SEO traffic each month using DA 30 or controlled private blog site.
  • October:Evaluate the feasible result: 1500 SEO Traffic per month.

E-commerce site two

  • March-April

1.Several product description is composed from professional dentist ensuring the SEO friendly.

2.Upload 3 blog article from SEOer niche writer.

3.A SEO Friendly E-commerce site is launched completely.

  • April-May

1.100pc Local business citation;

2.Editorial off page seo:professional dentistry site with do follow no key word;

3.Dentist product upload;

4.A press release post on article :dental lab supplier online store.

5.4 link building do following for brand name from .edu site.

  • May-June
  1. Add each one 1000 words for dentist and laboratory toptic article.
  2. Linking building for10pc lower competitive key word.
  • June-july

Off page SEO:Lower competition key word:10pc

  • July-August

High competition key word link building from health toptic DA 50:co.uk,.org,.edu site

  • August-October

1.Editorial link building:Brand name:off page seo from profession of dentistry magazine or journal

2.Interview link building:no-following Authority site

  • October-November

20pc lower competition key word ranking

  • November-December

1.High Competition key word

2.Profession of dentistry site do following no key word.


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