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If we set up an ecommerce money site,it is better to choose the domain name from world largest domain registrar domain name owner information can be privacy,there is no need to upload you personal information for any inspection government department.

After bonding the domain name on the web hosting,we would like to realise the and presenting the same permanent web address like when we put the above different domain on the browser.

How to achive it?It can be explained the domain name by the domain management column.As our clients is from the english language country,choosing a web hosting service from the united states of america or euro country is a good choice,the speed of opening the website is great for the clients.It is different from china country web hosting service choosing the type of A,then paste the web hosting service ip address.For the english country of web hosting service,if we choose the domain explaination type of A,and paste the web hosting ip address,it does not guarantee the website can run normally.What we need to do is to paste the web hosting domain name resolution must bond the doman type of CNAME as domain name explaination,of course the domain name explanation is two parts:name www and @.

But i would like to use the DNS explained the domain name from cloudflare.For one thing it is much simpler and less procedure,for another you get a free ssl certificate for the website.

Google officially announce that there is more than 200 factors to affect the SERP(search engine result pape),the ssl certificate on a website has been confirmed by google for the search position factor.

DNS explained domain name for website

For the website various of other function,we can achieve it by the help of the plugin market in wordpress,then we can write the blog,upload the product for sale.

The money site can be SEO backlink,blogger,ecommerce,amazon affiliates,Click bank etc type of monetary site.

ecommerce website

It is a little complicated for the opencart,the catelogires on the computer and mobile is separate.

opencart ecommerce website operation
  • Operation of catelogies on computer terminal

Journal-modules-accordion menu-all categories menu, deleting all of the categories,and then click the reset and keep it.

  • Operation of catelogies on mobile terminal

Journal-modules-flyout menu-categories only, deleting all of the categories,and then click the reset button,and keep it.

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