How to be more affection on the issue of borrowing and return on daily life

In the countryside,it is common for neighbors to borrow something from each other.The doors of every house were open.Whoever was in a hurry to find something was not found,and greeted the neighbors and used it. Even when I was cooking and found that there were no eggs,i sent the child to the next door and ran back with two eggs without any delay.

Of course,this kind of generosity and randomness are mutual.You are generous to others,and you can only be free when you ask for what you want.However,sometimes there is a lot of knowledge in this “skill”.

I took my child memory back to my hometown,and my mother,mother cooked for us.When making braised pork,white sugar was not enough,and the oil pan was still on the fire.It was definitely too late to buy it.My mother gave me a small spoon and let me go to Li’s house to borrow a little.Aunty li didn’t say a word,and handed the jar of sugar to me.It takes less than a minute to go from taking a small spoon to putting sugar into the pot. “Fortunately, it’s here,or it won’t work without more than ten minutes.” I said with a smile.

After eating rice,I went to the small supermarket in the village to buy some daily necessities,and also bought white sugar by the way.When I got home,I took a spoonful of white sugar and walked out.My mother asked me, “What are you going to do?” “Return Li’s sugar!” I replied. “Don’t pay it back,” mother said,taking the spoon from my hand.Seeing that I was puzzled,my mother smiled and explained,”It’s not going to be this way.”

Later,my mother collected the sesame seeds planted in the open space in front of the door,dried them and packed them in a small bag,which I sent to groundmother li,and blinked at me with a smile.It dawned on me that this might be the mother’s “restitution”: borrowing salt for salt was too deliberate and seemed to lose sight; borrowing a spoonful of salt for a small bag of sesame seeds was not only revealing,but also promoted the neighborhood relationship .

Another time,my father flashed his waist while working,and he needed to fix it with a belt.My father had a backache problem before.He bought a belt with steel plates,but he couldn’t find it when he was in a hurry.The neighbor Uncle Wang brought his belt for his father to use.However,as soon as Uncle Wang walked away,my mother found my father’s belt in the box on the top of the closet and asked me to help him tie it up.

Uncle Wang’s belt was not used,so I planned to return it. “Let it go,it won’t be too late in two days,”my mother said to me.Since it’s not used,why not just go back?After listening to my question,my mother smiled and said, “Your Uncle Wang is enthusiastic about bringing a belt to help,we can’t disappoint his kindness.If you go back now,it will make Uncle Wang feel unhelpful,and even feel his kindness rejected.”I realized that I had to admire my mother’s wisdom.A few days later,I went back to Uncle Wang ’s belt.Uncle Wang asked: “Your dad ’s waist is okay?This belt can’t be left untied Otherwise I can’t find any urgency when I use it.Fortunately,I have it on my hand.”Look at me and thank you,Uncle Wang smiled, and there was satisfaction in that smile.

We all say,”It’s easy to borrow,pay back,and borrow again.”But in fact, many times,”good borrowing” also requires “clever repayment”.It conveyed goodwill and enthusiasm,and also returned gratitude and affection.


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