ebay shipping phone number setting

If you do a small business on ebay platform,when there is an order from ebay,the account original setting does not show the buyer phone number.It is different from Amazon,alibaba,Woocommerce.

Even though you install the App on mobile,the order details still do not show the buyer phone number before you set up the ebay shipping method asking show the buyer phone number on computer.

As we have to deal with many cases on daily,so how to add the shipping tracking code from the mobile App when the computer is not available nearly by,especially you do the business is a type of drop shipping model.

You can set up the shipping details showing the buyer phone number by the PAYPAL account.
When you login in the paypal account,go into the setting button,

paypal buyer phone number setting

then find the website preference,and click update,then slide down the mouse,checkmark on the phone number option.

paypal website preference for buyer mobile no
paypal address from buyer setting

With the help of the paypal invoice details,you will process the order in time with a mobile phone.Once getting the tracking code from logistic company,you can add the tracking code one the ebay App.

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