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I watched a few videos that required brainstorming and combined with my past experience to comprehend, of course, it is all in English language, you need to guess, this really needs your understanding, and this premise you have tried many methods.Finally i slept a lot last night.

A famous person in the European and American SEO circles said that it has changed now. You don’t need so many paid seo tools such as majestic, ahrefs, etc. Although there are many bloggers on the Internet today, the competition is extremely fierce for ranking, what you only need to pay attention to your own website background data according to Google ’s webmaster tools, you go to update the content of some articles, user-friendly and search-friendly are the core, and It’s not to spend useless time for content to add to the site.

And then browsed Google’s own official website video: about webmaster tools. During the current epidemic situation, the results displayed by some industries have been adjusted to large industry organizations, such as FDA, content of the Washington Post website, and commercial websites with a sales nature will be behind. These days, I receive quotes from Chinese counterparts for anti-epidemic materials almost every day, almost all of which include masks, and the price has fallen by 80%. In fact, Google has done a good thing, as the real buyer does not ask for a lower prices proactively.A good industry, and you are in a mess for only dozens of days.

The third video is about the construction of backlinks, which is also the most difficult part of website construction to obtain rankings. The general content is that you do not need to add too many external links in a short period of time, especially those backinks of forum profile and website directory type that are generated in batches with black hat automatic software.Such links are generated in a short time, and most of them are also NOFOLLOW attributes.These operations violate the amount of work that normal people can do.Of course,the discussion between the two people also mentioned that some large-scale famous websites will not give us links, you can only gradually outreach to obtain backlinks via guest post.Only through personal experience can one realize that one cannot rush.

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