Dental lab burs application in laboratory

Dental hp carbide burs cutting heads are made with high quality fine-grain tungsten carbide,which produces a blade that is sharper and wears longer compared to less expensive coarse grain tungsten carbide,which make the low speed dental burs works on dental lab model much more efficiently.Dental lab burs blades made of fine grain tungsten carbide,retain shape even as they wear.Less expensive,large particle tungsten carbide dulls quickly as the large particles break from the blade or cutting edge.Many dental carbide burs manufacturers use inexpensive tool steel for the carbide bur shank material.For shank construction, dentsma uses higher sturdy stainless steel,which resists corrosion during sterilization processes used in the dental office.The low speed dental burs carbide shank fit the international branded dental laboratory micro motor perfectly.
Dental lab polishing burs use in lab situations on plastics,ceramics,porcelain,plaster, acrylic,Coblat chrome alloy workpiece,Zironia restoration,stainless steel,etc.Dental lab burs are NOT for Intraoral use!

dental lab diamond burs
hp dental diamond burs

Feature of dental lab polishing burs

Diamond Cut: Dental lab diamond burs for fine adjustment of acryliccomposite and porcelain;hp dental diamond burs ideal for final trimming and finishing in hard-to-reach areas.

Coarse Cut: Fastest for reducing acrylic and all metals, including nonprecious and chrome cobalt.

Fine Cut:For chairside adjustment of acrylic and metals; leaves a smooth surface finish

Regular Cut: Standard for adjusting acrylic and metals.

Special Cut: For clog-free bulk reduction of acrylic, plaster and stone.

47 Series: Internationally popular shape, available in both fine and coarse cuts

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