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The most popular online ecommerce sales third part platform are amazon,ebay,alibaba,cdiscount ect.As a seller the most concern is you sales income which can get into you pocket from platform safely.

Amazon sales gain is in discipline that deposit to the seller account on regular basis,ebay payment from purchasers arrive in real time.

Some product sales online will be restricted,especially high value,customization and a little longer delivery time.

How to deal with it?

You can set up an online website.It is different from shopify.What i mention the ecommerce website is that you have controlled the domain name and web hosting.When you have launched the seo,facebook ads traffice solution,you ecommerce website will emerge on the google search result of first page after a period of time,and gain lots of fans from the facebook,however you only have to pay little fees of the domain name,web hosting,facebook ads fees.

Conclusion:You ecommerce website is your asset which will result in real revenue!

So how to set up an excellent ecommerce online shopping that it is easy for the target person who need it.

You ecommerce product should set the most related key word and a profession of description,it is both for search engine and the potential buyers who will love it!

There are general two solution that make you online ecommerce outstanding performance.

1,Google seo

Google is the world largest traffic channel in internet,you will get the points you need to take struggle to make you ecommerce on the top search list.If people can find it easily on the first page,there will be great chance to make the purchasing decision!

You seo link building fees is almost nothing If you have powerful communication with your related industrial webmaster,famous press journalist,then you will get the most strongest backlink for you money website.Google will regard you ecommerce website is the purchasers who are looking for,lots of related key words in you industry will emerge the first page on google

2,facebook ads

Facebook is the world largest sns can set up the target of the key word and country,each day maximum ads fees.

Compare ecommerce platforms,you control the traffic to a certain extent,you also control the budget fees.

It is much less cost compared with alibaba annual fees,a niche ecommerce website cost is a domain name 20usd plus web hosting service 10usd per year.

ecommerce shopping cart
ecommerce shopping cart

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