multilayer dental zirconia restoration

Why need the anterior dental zirconia

beautiful smile anterior zirconia teeth
beautiful smile anterior zirconia multi layer teeth


The conventional dental zirconia restoration for anterior is not very translucent.In order to make the smile nature,aesthetic,and teeth shade gradual change,then the 600mpa dental zirconia multilayer for anterior has been launched.

How to make restoration of the dental zirconia multilayer for anterior

When the tradition of dental zirconia restoration workpiece is finished by the cad cam milling system etc production producedure.The dental zirconia restoration workpiece will be polished surface part by dental lab handpiece,then the anterior zirconia multilayer will be boned on the surface.It is the anterior dental zirconia multilayer cover with a decorative layer of the zirconia restoration workpiece.

What dental zirconia blocks strength?

600mpa,it is specially designed for anterior


Standard vita 16 is available to choose

vita 16 shade dental zirconia material

What kinds of dental zirconia blank are available?

Wieland dental cad cam blank,zahn dental lab supplies,and dental amann girrbach zirconia block


6 layer,nature and aesthetic beauty.


multilayer dental zirconia

Is the dental zirconia block price good compared with local distributor?

You can check out online prices of dental zirconia products,it turn out to be excellent.

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