dental porcelain furnance

Dental porcelain furnace

Recently a client from oversea country inquiry a dental laboratory equipment,as this dental laboratory technician equipment is large dimension, dental laboratory supplies company does not upload it on our dental online shopping store,it is not convenient to be delivered by air porcal.

We are here to clarify the dental porcelain furnace product details as followings:

This dental porcelain furnace is mainly used for the processing of dental porcelain powder.The dental laboratory equipment support the leading brand of ivoclar vivadent and vita company dental lab product of porcelain ceramic power.The furnace is heated on all sides,which is more uniform than the traditional muffle furnace and crystallization furnace in temperature field. The dental crown of the fired crown has better consistency. The heating element adopts the imported alloy resistance wire,and the working chamber is pure and pollution-free; the operation adopts true color touch screen, and the operation is simple and intuitive, which can effectively improve the production efficiency. This dental porcelain furnace is the ideal equipment for denture processing plants.

This dental lab equipment is application of dental porcelain powder processing in dental laboratory.

Features of dental porcelain furnace/stove

 dental porcelain stove

1.High-quality electronics for safe and program flow.

2.Quality assurance through integrated firing data saving.

3.Automatic temperature adjustable before every start of program.

4.Accuracy of temperature +/-1C.

5.Automatic cleaning function.

6.Current operating mode visible from a distance via an LED light bar.


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