There are kind of face mask fliter standard,it is different option to choose according to the cases.

1,Disposable face masks

Disposable face masks are made of two layers of 28g non-woven fabrics; wear breathable, suitable for electronic factories / catering industry, etc., daily use; no virus blocking effect;

2,Medical surgical mask

It is mainly used in high-demand medical environments such as medical clinics, laboratories, and operating rooms. It has a relatively high safety factor and strong resistance to bacteria and viruses.

Medical surgical masks can block particles with a diameter greater than 4 microns.The test results of the airtight laboratory of the mask under the hospital environment show that according to general medical standards, for 0.3 micron particles, the transmission rate of medical surgical masks is 18.3%;

In the absence of N95 mask, the use of medical surgical masks can also be used to block most viruses that stick to the droplets。

3, Introduction of KN95 and N95 masks

First understand the meaning of the letters

Letters represent blocked particles:

“N” stands for: not resistant to oil

“R” stands for: oily and non-oily particulate matter (resistant to oil)

“P” stands for: strong resistance to oily and non-oily particles (strnongly resistant, oil proof)

To prevent the spread of droplet virus, use the “N” series

The number represents the filtering effect level:

“95” stands for: the filtration efficiency reaches 95%, which means that when using 0.3 micron particles for testing, the particle concentration in the mask is more than 95% lower than the particle concentration outside the face mask.

In addition to 95, there are 90, 99, 100, etc.

The higher the number, the higher the protection level;
The difference between KN95 and N95

N95 is the standard set by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health(United states of america)。

KN95 is the standard set in the Chinese standard GB2626-2006。

The protective effects of KN95 and N95 are basically the same, but the names of different national standards are different。

4,Do you need a breathing valve?

The breathing valve is a one-way valve

It’s closed when inhaling。

It’s open when you exhale。

It can reduce resistance when exhaling。

But now it is in an extraordinary period, it is not recommended to bring a breathing valve to avoid illness,and the virus is broadcasted ~

5.Notes on wearing a mask:

1. The mask needs to be attached to the face to avoid direct inhalation of unfiltered air,otherwise it is equivalent to leucorrhea;

2. Replace it in time,it is recommended to replace it in about 4 hours;so that it is betther that the stock of KN95 mask manufacturer or supplier near by with you。

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