Heathcliff personal characteristic

When i was on the stage of college ,the associate professor english teacher launched a full movie of Wuthering Heights on the class.More than 10 year later,i see it on the TV again.

I am not a very good student and achieve nothing until now,my major is economic and business management,the most impressive of this movie for my field is the leading role of Heathcliff personal characteristic.

From the current of human recourse,organization behavior theory,a person in an organization feature of revenge, brutal that will make the organization collapse.That is why some leading company develop the organization culture,making all of the members in the organization as one unit.

As a matter of factor that,very few of person,to some extent who enter into a company will not be development of the role as the organization need.There is almost no choice of it.As we all know that a good habit of personality is development from the daily life when as a child growing.

A good of personality,leadership,charming can be inherited from generation to generation.We know that there is lots of noble in existence of america and euro,such as the Rockefeller.But we never heard such fortune as well as the inherit in asian,south america country.

We sometime scan the news or video occasionally and meet concerns where is the descendants of the Qing Dynasty,how are they living situation.We get the result that some of them are entrepreneur,artist etc.While we often heard that the village farmer who get abundant demolition compensation,after 2-3 year later,they go bankruptcy and no fortune any more,they are homeless eventually.

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