social login in ecommerce website

I drink 4 bottle of bear to complete one task: Add a social login for the ecommerce website.

ecommerce social login

I am tired when choosing different type of social login plugin,it all failed and i felt frustrated.

Then i search the woocommer third party service,it is 69usd per year charge.It is a much burden for me.

It has already two hours passed,it does work for all kinds of method i tried.After a while i find the vedio who is a indian demonstrating it step by step,and i seem to get the correct points.

If you want to add the social login as facebook,you need to google search it:facebook for develpers,login in and choose the website,creat the social login project,paste the id and key on the third part plugin.

ecommerce site facebook login in

Eventhough it is a very simple process,it takes me more than 4 hours to try different ways.

For the google account login in,i just give up it.I do not want to google know me i have more than two monetory site,as i have to paste the verification code on the domain explanation of TXT parts,i have already made the domain explanation via the cloudflare by DNS before.If one google account records several website by one person owner,all of the information will be transfered and recorded on the google webmaster.So my personal information will be very clarifed by google.Google will get comfirmatiton that the dangerous man try to control some thing which against the google quality control.

Added one facebook social login in on website,it is better experience for client to login and check out.

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