For a certain pursuit, the happiness you get is instant, and the pain you can’t get is long-lasting. The secret to success is: actual combat. The secret to real knowledge is actual combat. The secret to testing friendship is: actual combat. Without actual combat, all the so-called high and deep are eroticism.

Easy to do in the bad, but our purpose is to do in the good. You do n’t have to point out the shortcomings of others, but you ’re still an adult.

One mind is not a narrow-mindedness, a concentration is not short-sighted. A person who devotes himself to dedication and may not be able to do one thing well, not to mention the desire to be a success. The beautiful scenery is dazzling and it is easy to make people lose their goals. Although people are equal, there are differences.

Let those who need to know knowing that it is the most efficient, but education belongs to a process of shaping and training. With a clear goal, approaching it, there is no such thing as success or failure.


Riches do not have to change wives, but expensive ones must change friends, otherwise cooperation will not be coordinated and trouble will arise. It ’s okay to deal with gangsters and pull them down. How do you explain to the leaders when you have spoken? Integrity cannot be lost unless you do not want to improve.

Who are you in contact with? Everyone has grown so much in experience and lessons. Introspection and encouragement.


Life is like a play, masters perform to the same level as the surface. The performance of going to bed early and getting up early, the performance of being generous and chic, the performance of reading and tasting tea, the performance of stupidity, the performance of being anxious, so accustomed to become natural, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Acting to be angry means not being really angry, and it’s gone after doing it, how advanced!

Everyone has to eat, and eating is more important than thinking. I don’t have to dry my mind. The ignorant do not have to read, and the ignorant do not benefit. Favored generosity does not solve the problem. Everyone has their own roots, and the taste of life needs to be chewed and verified.Stop words,watch your heart,and be at ease.

It’s annoying to say more. Does the mediocre have poor absorption? The rainfall is already abundant, depending on the root system of talent. There are people outside seeing the realm at the level.

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