The tools for orthodontics not only have brackets, but some patients need to be nailed or wear rubber bands. So, what is the role of rubber bands? Will the teeth be sore after wearing rubber bands? Let’s talk to the editor !

orthodontic band plastic in teeth

Rubber bands are mainly hung between orthodontic devices (brackets, traction hooks), and are a good helper for orthodontic treatment:

Adjust the bite: You can adjust the bite relationship of the teeth to a relatively ideal state, like a gear like a sharp socket. A good bite relationship not only greatly improves the chewing function, but also relieves gastrointestinal pressure.

adjustable bit in orthodontic

Close gap: Slowly close the extraction space by pulling.

close gap in orthodontic treatment



Good bite: Pull the misplaced place to a neat place.

Make the bite closer: Keep the upper and lower teeth tightly together, the contact area is maximized, and the chewing efficiency is maximized.

orthodontics bit closer

Adjust the centerline: Pull the tooth to the expected position to prevent the tooth centerline from being improperly affecting the appearance.

Adjust the centerline in bracket

In order to maintain the continuity and stability of traction, the doctor recommends that it is best to wear it for 24 hours. It can only be removed when eating or brushing, but it should be worn immediately after brushing. Change the rubber band once a day before going to bed. There is also a change every two days, the specific situation is also determined by the doctor due to personal dental conditions. If you do not insist on wearing, the treatment time may be extended, so be sure to insist.

 1,How long does the rubber band hang?

Under normal circumstances, except for the time of eating and brushing your teeth, the rubber band should be worn all day, especially when adjusting the bite, the rubber band should be worn seriously.

2,Can I wear more rubber bands at a time?

Under normal circumstances, doctors will give rubber bands with different tensions according to the condition of the teeth. Each time it is worn as one, it is replaced once a day. These are measured after countless clinical time and data. Do not claim to increase the number of rubber bands at will. Tooth movement has a moderate force value, the force is too large, one will cause tooth damage, and the second is that the tooth is not moved but the force is too strong, so I still listen to the doctor honestly.

beauty teeth

3,What if I swallowed the rubber band?

The orthodontic rubber band is generally small, and it is easy to take off when wearing it, and it may be swallowed. Don’t worry at this time, the orthodontic rubber band belongs to the level of food safety and will not cause harm to the body. At this time, just replace it with a new rubber band.

4,What should I pay attention to during the correction?

Do not eat bone and hard shell foods.

Do not eat ribs, nuts and other foods, cut into small pieces when eating apples, to prevent loosening of the attachment of the appliance due to improper diet. Doing this well is the basis for ensuring the smooth completion of correction

Rinse your mouth with mouthwash or water.

Pay attention to brushing and gargle during orthodontics, and pay more attention to hanging rubber bands. After each meal, brush your teeth. Conditional customers can rinse their mouth with mouthwash after each meal.

Eat less snacks

Don’t eat sticky food, eat snacks as little as possible in daily life, especially candy, it is easy to stick to the appliance, it is difficult to remove.

Orthodontics is a process of perseverance. As long as you have gone through it and exposed a neat and beautiful tooth, you will feel worth it.

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