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Preventing the new coronavirus does not mean complete self-closure, but rather reasonable outing and protection.

First, shopping in supermarkets and buying daily necessities and food are necessary to ensure life. The refrigerators in the home have more food reserves.

Secondly, when there is no one in the morning, you can go out for proper morning exercises.

Why is there a huge difference in wearing face masks in asian and euro and USA abroad?

The first occurrence of such a situation is cultural differences and different living habits.

In East Asia, like Japan, when there is no epidemic, people also wear protective masks, possibly to prevent allergies. In Hong Kong, many people usually wear masks. In some crowded big cities, people like to wear masks. People wear a protective mask, one is epidemic prevention, and the other is to maintain a certain distance. This habit has always been accepted in some parts of East Asia.

However, in Europe, people meet very warmly, there are kisses, veneers, etc., wearing protective face mask for intimate socialization, they are considered rude and intolerable.

Secondly, this phenomenon is related to the efficiency of wearing masks for epidemic prevention.

If there are a few people who are ill in a place, the efficiency of wearing masks for epidemic prevention is extremely low, and a large number of face masks will be scarce, so that the people who need them cannot wear protective face mask.

People are not defended, and those who do not need to defend are chaotic. If the proportion of people infected with the new coronavirus is increased, the effectiveness of wearing face masks for epidemic prevention will also increase, and more people will support wearing masks.

“For example, among the 10,000 people who encountered the new virus, only 1 in 10,000, and suddenly it became 100 per 10,000, which means that the effectiveness of wearing a mask for prevention went from 10,000 to 100 per 10,000 , A hundredfold increase. If it is a hundredfold increase, it can be done just by wearing a protective mask, and people will naturally support wearing masks more.

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