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Do only old people have loose teeth?

When it comes to loose teeth, many people may think of the elderly. In the impression, only…

poor teeth health
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How many of these problems do you have for people with bad teeth?

-01-Oral problems | Bleeding gums Most of the bleeding gums in people’s life are caused by gingivitis….

implant restoration
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The price of dental implants varies greatly? How to take advantage of it improperly

Why is there such a big price difference for dental implants? My dental implants are far away,…

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Introduction of Single Crystal Ceramic Bracket Correction

What is a single crystal ceramic bracket(ceramic sapphire braces) Single crystal ceramic brackets are a category of…

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6 details of dental handpiece maintenance

The dental handpiece must be lubricated strictly according to the instruction manual. Generally, the high-speed handpiece dental…

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The gums are receding, the roots of the teeth are about to be exposed, and the tooth is sore when brushing. How to save it?

Tooth pain comes from exposed dentin. Eating cold and hot contact will make nerves sensitive. If you…

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What’s the matter with more pain after wisdom teeth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is more painful due to surgical trauma. It may be in a strange location…

denture for people
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What is the best denture for the elderly? Why are dental implants not recommended?

General dentures are divided into implants, fixed dentures, and removable dentures. As the age increases, the alveolar…

scaling teeth
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What are the pros and cons of teeth scaling?

The advantage of teeth scaling is that ultrasonic waves break the calculus, and they can also cooperate…

tooth extraction model
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Tooth extraction or conservative treatment?

Of course, it is conservative treatment. After the teeth are extracted, dentures have to be installed. No…