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orthodontic retainer wearing
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[Retainer] You don’t wear “it” for orthodontic your teeth!

What’s the use of the retainer? Dental retainers are designed to help keep straightened teeth straight and…

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Do only old people have loose teeth?

When it comes to loose teeth, many people may think of the elderly. In the impression, only…

poor teeth health
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How many of these problems do you have for people with bad teeth?

-01-Oral problems | Bleeding gums Most of the bleeding gums in people’s life are caused by gingivitis….

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The gums are receding, the roots of the teeth are about to be exposed, and the tooth is sore when brushing. How to save it?

Tooth pain comes from exposed dentin. Eating cold and hot contact will make nerves sensitive. If you…

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How to choose a razor

Many men now have beards, but they rarely go back to shave. How to choose a razor?…

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What are the benefits of Tai Chi

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?    1. Exercise the nervous system to improve sensory function…

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4 real culprits that make you more and more tired

Now the pace of life is slowly accelerating, and many people are either because of the pressure…

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What are the hazards of long-term insomnia? How to treat

What are the hazards of long-term insomnia? How to treat It will accelerate aging    According to…

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What you must know about [MRI examination]

In recent years, with the rapid development of medical technology, medical imaging diagnosis has entered a new…

dental restoration materials
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Are you using composite materials when restoring your teeth?

What are the materials for tooth restoration? Tooth restoration is a way to restore a neat tooth….