Auckland Medical Centre built negative-pressure rooms, cabins, and isopods to fight Covid-19.

Auckland Medical Centre implemented cabins, rooms, and isopods in order to limit the spread of Covid-19.

  1. What measures has Auckland Medical Centre undertaken to lower COVID-19 exposure?
    We’ve developed our negative rooms. We have these spaces in the A&E and ICU, and we’re planning to acquire two cabins that are negatively pressured on the front of A&E to treat all of these patients.

    Negative pressure rooms mean that the pressure within the room is in fact negative. So, whenever you enter the space, or in this situation, the virus remains contained within the room and won’t be spread to other patients. Isopod is another negative pressure pod that can use to help keep the patient within.

    That means that whenever we encounter COVID-19 patients, or a suspected patient, once we have put the patient in here it will we can turn the switch on and it’ll cause negative pressure. In this method, we hope that COVID-19 will remain contained in the Isopod and stop the spread to relatives, patients, or healthcare workers.

    We are hoping to see that every hospital in Malaysia will be equipped with the same standard Isopod which will allow us to transfer any suspected COVID-19 patients we have in our facility to the state hospital for additional treatment or manage them.
  2. What happens to clean the negative and isopods?
    In the event of use, each time following use, the way to clean it is to use an alcohol disinfectant specifically designed for us that we can apply to the outer layer. For the inner layer, we have what’s known as a smoke bomb.

    Press the button on the bomb and then put it in the box and the whole object will be the smoke bomb for approximately 30 minutes.

    When the smoke has gone it is possible to open the Isopodand wash the remainder of it.
  3. What other ways to take apart from the creation of cabins, negative pressure rooms, and Isopods?
    Our top priority is always complete PPE. PPE is a reference to personal Protective Equipment, it means you have the personal isolation gown, mask and face shield, gloves, a head cover, and all the other items. These are all essential regardless of where you’re. For healthcare professionals, it is the mainstay.

    Our first priority is to keep us safe and to prevent us from contracting the illness, and also keep us from spreading the disease, or the virus, to others.

    The tent was also constructed to ensure that all patients suspected to be suffering from Covid-19 will be placed in a designated area and we’ll provide a great treatment plan for those who are suspected of being Covid-19 patients.

    Additionally, patients suffering from other diseases like asthma, heart attack, or dengue fever and all of these things will be admitted into our hospital by the right route and will be secured and secure.
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