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orthodontic retainer wearing
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[Retainer] You don’t wear “it” for orthodontic your teeth!

What’s the use of the retainer? Dental retainers are designed to help keep straightened teeth straight and…

impression taking
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Precautions for the use of silicone rubber impression materials

Tips for impression taking 1. In addition to meeting the requirements of general model making, care should…

dental implant handpiece
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Standard operating procedure for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of oral handpieces!

Every dentist should master, standard methods of cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing oral handpieces. Today, I will summarize…

handpiece maintanance
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What is handpiece maintenance?

The dental handpiece maintenance machine is an intelligent machine specially designed for dental clinics and dental hospitals,…

air abrasion in dentistry treatment
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4 things your teeth haven’t told you about brushing your teeth

Human teeth are divided into crowns and roots. The part we can see is called the crown….

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These four questions, dentists answer patients countless times every day!

Patients who go to the hospital for dental implants will always have a lot of questions in…

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Do only old people have loose teeth?

When it comes to loose teeth, many people may think of the elderly. In the impression, only…

poor teeth health
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How many of these problems do you have for people with bad teeth?

-01-Oral problems | Bleeding gums Most of the bleeding gums in people’s life are caused by gingivitis….

implant restoration
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The price of dental implants varies greatly? How to take advantage of it improperly

Why is there such a big price difference for dental implants? My dental implants are far away,…

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Introduction of Single Crystal Ceramic Bracket Correction

What is a single crystal ceramic bracket(ceramic sapphire braces) Single crystal ceramic brackets are a category of…