Do only old people have loose teeth?

When it comes to loose teeth, many people may think of the elderly. In the impression, only the elderly have loose teeth. How can young teeth become loose?

When I woke up in the morning, my teeth felt sore and sore, and when the front teeth touched each other, I could feel obvious loosening.

But it is because you grind your teeth at night, and sometimes you grind your teeth too hard and you will feel the soreness of your teeth the next day, as well as obvious loose teeth.

However, it does not mean that grinding your teeth will loosen your teeth. Only grinding your teeth for a long time may cause your teeth to become loose. Not only that but there are more serious conditions than grinding, which will not only lead to loose teeth but also may lead to tooth loss.

That is, periodontitis or gingival recession occurs in the oral cavity. Periodontitis is an oral disease that may occur in any group. Although the age of onset of periodontitis is generally in the middle-aged and elderly people around 50 years old, According to the survey, due to the influence of the environment, food, and other factors, the current age group of periodontitis has advanced to about 35 years old.

Many people think that I am still a young man, not yet thirty-five years old.

The editor has already said that periodontitis is an oral disease that may occur in any group. Even children may suffer from periodontitis, but because children are still in the growth and development period, the nutritional metabolism of all aspects of the body is the strongest, so the probability of children suffering from gingival recession and periodontitis is particularly high. low.

Therefore, as adults who have basically completed their development, if we do not pay attention to the usual oral hygiene and prevention, it is very easy to suffer from oral diseases.

Symptoms of periodontitis:

The symptoms of periodontitis in the early stage are not obvious, and the patient may only have secondary bleeding gums or bad breath, similar to the symptoms of gingivitis. But as the inflammation spreads further, the following symptoms may appear:

  1. Periodontal pocket formation

Due to the expansion of inflammation, the periodontal ligament is destroyed, the alveolar bone is gradually absorbed, the gingiva is separated from the root, and the gingival sulcus is deepened to form a periodontal pocket.

  1. Periodontal discharge

When there are ulcers and inflammatory granulation tissue on the wall of the periodontal pocket, purulent secretions will be produced in the pocket, so when the patient gently presses the gums, pus can be seen flowing out. And also bad breath.

  1. Loose teeth

When the periodontal tissue is destroyed, especially when the alveolar bone resorption is aggravated, the phenomenon of tooth loosening and displacement will occur. At this point, the patient will feel weak chewing, dull pain, bleeding gums, and bad breath. At this time, it may be in the late stage of periodontitis.

So young people, don’t think that you don’t need to rinse your mouth after meals, you don’t need to brush your teeth sooner or later, and you don’t need to scale your teeth. Youth is not capital, and some problems may only develop slowly; It might be too late.

So be sure to develop good oral hygiene habits and protect your teeth while you are young, instead of squandering them.

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Biography: Tony xu is a dental laboratory technician and runs a business e-commerce website: Dental Lab Shop on Facebook, he takes great enthusiasm to share the higher-lever of dental equipment and tools for dentists and technicians at a global level.

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