How to choose a razor

Many men now have beards, but they rarely go back to shave. How to choose a razor?

Option 1: Look at the beard, choose a razor

   Men who have thick beards and need to shave every day should choose a swing razor.

   Men with sparse beards and no need to shave often can choose a rotary razor with a larger contact area to achieve quick and efficient.

   For men with thick or long beards, it is best to choose a two-headed, three-headed, or even four-headed rotary shaver.

   Choice 2: Look at your habits, choose a razor

  Men who travel frequently should choose the dry battery type, rechargeable and dry battery hybrid type, and don’t feel embarrassed by the lack of power in the middle of shaving.

  For drivers or men who often need to deal with cars, they can choose a car razor and use car power to charge, which is fashionable and convenient.

  Men who are used to shaving at home can choose rechargeable shavers including plug-and-play shavers.

  Men who like to shave while taking a bath, it is best to choose a razor with a non-slip design on the handle.

   Men who like to carry the razor around, choose a razor with a fine stretch cord and a cloth bag.

   There are two types of electric shavers: rotary type and retina type. If you don’t like the “squeaking” noise from the razor when shaving, then choose the rotary type, which has lower noise.

   Choice 3: Healthy choices for shaving

   Don’t think that a man’s skin is necessarily indestructible. If you don’t pay attention to details, it will also cause skin problems. Especially for those with sensitive skin, a little carelessness can cause extensive skin allergies, redness and swelling.

Although the electric tremor of an electric shaver can play the role of tremor massage, clearing the blood of the meridians, and enhancing the vitality of the lips and cheek areas, but after a few men use it, the skin around the mouth will be itchy for a while, which may be related to contact with electric razors. The nickel contained in the razor is related. Nickel is the most common allergen. When the skin is damaged, bacterial infection and excessive friction can increase the absorption of nickel. At this time, you should stop using electric razors and choose old-fashioned manual razors or better multi-blade razors, which can reduce the frequency of shaving and reduce the possibility of allergies.

  Tips: Professional advice for men with sensitive skin

   With the deepening of the concept of skin care, men’s shaving care products such as shaving cream and aftershave lotion are emerging in an endless stream. They can alleviate the discomfort on the face after shaving and moisturize the facial skin. But the skin that has just been shaved is very sensitive, so you should choose non-alcoholic products.

  Using shaving cream can lubricate the beard, reduce the friction between the blade and the skin, and make people feel painless. However, the ingredients of shaving cream are more complicated, such as Benzocaine and menthol, which can make the skin feel numb. It is not suitable to use shaving cream containing these ingredients when shaving, because it will shrink the pores and make the beard. Harden. A small number of people may cause allergic dermatitis and other reactions after use. It is difficult to moisturize the foam of the shaving cream into the skin with your hands, so you might as well buy a good badger hair brush. It has a soft texture, can retain moisture like a sponge, and is durable. Generally, it can be guaranteed for 10 years.

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