scaling teeth for health care

what to do for the root of tooth exposion

If the root of the tooth is exposed, it is generally considered to be a phenomenon of gum recession caused by periodontal disease. The main reason for receding gums is due to some local irritation and some concurrent factors in the body.

   The first step is to scale the teeth, remove the irritated calculus around the local gums as soon as possible, and then apply the medicine to restore it, which can effectively reduce the degree of atrophy. Then it is caused by systemic problems, such as severe diabetes and severe periodontal disease. In this case, there is a problem of gum recession. The first is to control blood sugar, and the second is to perform local periodontal treatment. The third is to restore the gums, which requires gum flap surgery or some periodontal bone augmentation surgery.

   Therefore, the later surgical treatment has a certain degree of reliability, but there are also certain risks. Whether there are some local inflammatory atrophy after the operation, which aggravates the exposure of some tooth roots, are some unknown problems. So the first step is to keep clean and avoid receding gums is the key.

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