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Nine ways to enhance memory

Memory is the ability to remember, maintain, re-recognize and reproduce the content and experience reflected by objective things. Memory plays an important role in work and study. Teach you nine ways to enhance memory.

Learn a new language.

American professor Dr. Marg Raziman believes that new ideas will help you sort out the various thoughts in your mind. If you need it, you might as well try to learn a foreign language. It doesn’t take a lot of time or mastery. Just study hard. Not only to master one more skill, but also help to enhance memory, the best of both worlds.

Turn your eyes horizontally left and right for 30 seconds.

Experts believe that turning the eyeball left and right will cause the left and right brains to interact, which is important for repairing memory. Persevere every day, there will be good results. Moreover, this method saves time and effort and is very simple. It is a good choice for those who are lazy. Only by perseverance can the desired results be achieved.

Breathe deeply while meditating.

Attention is the door to memory. Find a quiet environment, sit or lie down, take deep breaths, focus on this calmness, don’t think about anything, meditate for at least 10 minutes a day, it will significantly improve memory. If you don’t have time, you can meditate when you have time. If you work hard for a long time, you will find that your memory has improved.

Use your left hand appropriately.

Moving your left hand more can effectively develop the right brain. For example, try to brush your teeth with your left hand, or use your left hand to hold things.

sleep tight.

Rest is to work better, and a relaxed lifestyle is reasonable and healthy. When you wake up after a good night’s sleep, you will find that your thinking is particularly clear and your memory is particularly good. People with chronic sleep deprivation are prone to dizziness and slow thinking. So if you want to have a good memory, you must ensure adequate sleep.

Breathe fresh air.

Breathing fresh air will make people feel refreshed. Only a clear mind can think about problems better. With flexible mind, memory will become stronger.

exercise more.

Scientists at Columbia University have found that exercise can increase the production of a type of nerve cell in the brain, which is closely related to preventing memory loss. Therefore, more exercise can not only improve immunity, but also help enhance memory. Running and swimming are both very good choices, of course others are also possible, depending on personal preference.

Eat walnuts.

Walnut contains more protein and unsaturated fatty acids necessary for human nutrition. These components are important substances for brain tissue cell metabolism, which can nourish brain cells and enhance brain function. Regular eating of walnuts can strengthen the brain and enhance memory. Eat more walnuts, there are many benefits.

Smell the fragrance of roses.

The rose is calibrated and prickly. It is a symbol of love. It has a fragrant and pleasant smell. It is not only beautiful, but also beautiful. If you think this is all the advantages of roses, then you are wrong. Studies have found that smelling more roses can also enhance memory. This method is relaxing, pleasant, and intoxicating. Isn’t it good? Put some roses on the table and work or study in the intoxicating sweet smell of roses to effectively improve work efficiency.

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