Solutions for professional dental supplies need in indonesia

Dental health, especially in Indonesia, is still a serious homework for the Ministry of Health. The results of the Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) in 2018 stated that the largest proportion of dental problems in Indonesia were damaged / hollow / sick teeth (45.3%). Meanwhile, the majority of oral health problems experienced by Indonesians are swollen gums and / or abscesses (14%).

The Indonesian government itself has a standard definition related to oral and dental health, according to the Minister of Health Regulation Number 89 of 2015 concerning Oral and Dental Health Efforts, dental and oral health is a healthy condition of hard and soft tissue teeth and related elements in the oral cavity which allows individuals to eat, talk and interact socially without dysfunction, esthetic disturbances, and discomfort due to disease, occlusion irregularities and tooth loss so that they are able to live productively socially and economically.

For this reason, the participation of all stakeholders is needed, so that oral health at all levels of society can be maintained properly. For the needs of medical devices related to teeth and mouth, you can rely on Dentallaboratorio.com. This ecommerce online shopping platform rovides a complete list of all the needs related to dental and oral hygiene, from retainers, guards, creams, pastes, vacuum to various needs for dental and oral hygiene devices.

Dentallaboratorio.com is a professional online shop with dental laboratory equipment products that offers consumable dental laboratory materials and equipment for doctors and medical technicians. Dentallaboratorio.com offers all kinds of dental laboratory model production products: pindex dental series, dental laboratory equipment series, dental articulator series.

Dental laboratory materials are also available, containing products that can be used by dental lab cad cams: dental zirconia ceramic block series, core dental materials, dental alloy product series, dental pmma, dental lab milling and many more. All products will be shipped by air, taking about 10-20 days to arrive. For some dental laboratory equipment products we will ship by DHL, FedEx which takes about 4 days to arrive.

Dentallaboratorio.com’s advantage is not only on the completeness of the equipment that is sold on its website, but also on the ease of access and most importantly the after-sales service provided to you. Services at Dentallaboratorio.com are not only oriented towards profit, but also on the noble wish that Indonesia becomes a healthier country, especially healthy teeth and mouths. Because we believe that the healthier the community, the more developed our country will be, let’s be healthy, Indonesia, you can!


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