What is the advantage and disadvantage of zirconia teeth

Everyone knows the importance of teeth,but in life,many people often eat hard foods and cause tooth loss,which brings great inconvenience to their own chewing function.Therefore,these beauty lovers want to pass zirconium crown technology to improve this problem.The advantage of zirconia crown surgery is that it has better biocompatibility and is not prone to rejection reactions,while its disadvantage is that it is more expensive and prone to fragmentation.

Zirconia dental crown,also known as zirconia porcelain tooth,is a relatively advanced method of dental restoration.It is manufactured through computer-aided design and other procedures,there are little complicated procedure of dental lab cad cam for final zirconia crown restoration.This material has a relatively high appearance and density,which can be solved very well where the all-ceramic tooth system cannot be used as a long bridge.

dental lab cad cam

The advantages of surgery:

   1. Good biocompatibility. This operation has good biocompatibility and basically does not cause irritation to the gums,so it is a relatively safe surgical material.

  2. Good aesthetic effect.Because this operation is a biological material,it is not prone to discoloration,and the aesthetic effect is better.Especially the new launched multilayer dental zirconia material,there is no need of liquid coloring process.

multilayer dental zirconia

  3, natural color. Compared with the traditional porcelain tooth color,this material is more natural and clean,and the appearance is realistic,and others can hardly see the traces of the operation.

Disadvantages of surgery:

  1. The price is expensive. The cost of this surgical restoration will be higher,so it will be more expensive in terms of price.

  2, easy to break. The material for this operation is not as hard as it is,and it is prone to chipping,and the effect is not as good as that of a metal porcelain crown.

The above is some introduction to the relevant knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of zirconia crowns.You can get a general idea.Because every beauty lover has different teeth and the proper crown material is also different,so you can choose to go to a dental hospital for face-to-face consultation,professional doctors can recommend proper surgical materials according to the tooth condition of the beauty-lovers,and inform the beauty-lovers that some oral care measures should be taken after the operation to make the operation effect more ideal.

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