handpiece maintanance

What is handpiece maintenance?

The dental handpiece maintenance machine is an intelligent machine specially designed for dental clinics and dental hospitals, which integrates cleaning, maintenance, and oiling.

Product features of the hand piece cleaning and maintenance machine:

  1. The cleaning speed is fast and can be reserved: the type III machine has three programs of light speed cleaning, 10 minutes, fast cleaning, 12 minutes, and standard cleaning 20 minutes, which can greatly shorten the cleaning time. Separate and quick maintenance, improve efficiency and more convenient.
  2. Color touch screen with side box: The oil pump is upgraded to a side box model, which is not only easy to operate with a color touch screen, but also more convenient to refuel the fuel tank.
  3. Large capacity: professional cleaning of various low-speed and high-speed dental handpieces, using international common interfaces, and supporting up to 16 handpiece cleaning at the same time.
  4. Intelligent five-in-one: microcomputer automatic control, one-key start; cleaning, drying, oiling, maintenance, drying are fully automatic and intelligent, and the package can be sterilized directly after drying.
  5. Strong decontamination: 360° strong spray wings, all-round washing, no stains left, high temperature and high pressure strong washing, can add brightener and cleaning enzymes, strong stain removal, clean without dead ends, built-in ion exchange water softener, to ensure cleaning effect .
  6. Free combination of programs: it can be maintained and oiled independently, with strong practicability, different degrees of mobile phone cleaning, reducing labor intensity, saving water, electricity, labor, low-carbon and environmental protection.
  7. Clean and compact: three-layer self-cleaning filter screen, filters the sediment in the water, avoids mineral deposition, the shell-type opening design, small footprint, strong practicability, clean maintenance every day.

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