Advanced microscopic root canal therapy in dentistry

When to do microscopic root canal treatment

Microscopic root canal treatment is root canal treatment under a microscope. Now, most dental hospitals must use a microscope when performing root canal treatment. The microscope has become a necessary device for root canal treatment. In the case of root canal treatment, the use of an auxiliary microscope is recommended as it has become a routine treatment device. Microscopic root canal therapy will enlarge the field of view under ordinary treatment, thereby increasing the doctor’s operating range, making the doctor’s field of vision clearer, and the structure inside the root canal clearer, reducing the failure of root canal treatment caused by missing root canals, thereby reducing the number of patients. of pain.

Will it recur after root canal treatment?

Whether the symptoms will recur after root canal treatment depends on the condition of the tooth before treatment. If the root is not infected before the dental treatment, but only the pulp is infected, the effect of standard root canal treatment will be better. lower than those without treatment. According to statistics, the success rate of initial root canal treatment is generally above 90%, but if root canal treatment is performed again, the success rate may only be 70%-80%. Therefore, it is recommended that you do root canal treatment and go to a regular hospital for it. In order to ensure the success of the first treatment, to avoid other infections in the future.

Generally, the problem occurs again after root canal treatment, most of which are due to infection. If it is an infection in the root, root canal treatment needs to be repeated. If the gums are swollen after root canal treatment, it may be a root fracture problem. Teeth may not be preserved.

Endo rotary handpiece in the dental office.

16:1 Reduction Contra Angle Handpiece is specially designed for endodontic treatment, it comes with the high light feature of Fiber Optic, low-speed for CA Burs, and rotation speed is adjustable by an electric motor. This handpiece is a piece of necessary equipment for endodontic dentistry, drilling into the root canal.

endo rotary handpiece


  • This endo rotary dental handpiece is available in push button works will all brands of rotary endo files.
  • With ratios of 16:1, this endodontic handpiece is fast enough to work with high-speed files like Waveone rotary files and Gates Glidden.
  • 16:1 handpieces rated at 20-1,800 rpm with a 30,000 rpm motor.
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