Four reasons why my cat leaves a little food in the bowl?

Why do cats always keep a little food at the bottom of the bowl?

  1. Cats have naturally small stomachs.

First of all, cats are born with relatively small stomachs and don’t eat much. Many times the food we feed cats is much larger than what they can eat in one meal, and cats are relatively restrained animals. It will eat again, so if the cat can’t finish eating, it will leave some food at the bottom of the bowl. Secondly, the cat’s eating habit is to eat less and eat more meals. In the primitive environment, cats may hunt some smaller prey to eat, so the amount of food is not quantitative, which is different from the three meals a day for humans.

And cats are natural hunters. They need to keep their bodies in the most suitable state for hunting at all times. If the weight is too heavy, it will affect the cat’s movements. Only by controlling your diet and keeping your weight in the best state can you better catch prey and ensure your next meal.

  1. Cat storage habits.

Cats in the wild are not like being fed by their owners indoors. If they can’t catch prey, they are easy to starve, so they have developed the habit of storing food, so as to ensure that if they can’t catch prey, they can eat the stored food. , will not starve to death, such a habit is engraved in the cat’s DNA, so although the cat is lectured and fed by a shovel officer every day, it still retains this original habit, leaving a little food at the bottom of the bowl, and Like burying shit, cover the grain and wait to eat it when you are hungry.

Therefore, don’t worry that the cat doesn’t like to eat the food you bought. On the contrary, the cat thinks the food is delicious, so it wants to store it up and eat it slowly. thing.

  1. The food at the bottom of the bowl is not convenient for cats to eat.

Some cats have big faces and long beards, which makes it easy for cats to poke their beards when they eat food, which is inconvenient to eat better. Some cats get saliva on the food when they eat food. , it will also cause cats to be reluctant to eat the food at the bottom of the bowl, dislike the food at the bottom of the bowl being soiled, anyway, there is a lot of food, and they are full, so they don’t bother to eat the food at the bottom of the bowl, so there is nothing left. Some grain is at the bottom of the bowl.

Therefore, when choosing an eating bowl for cats, try to choose a shallow bowl with a flat bottom, so that when the cat eats food, it will not poke its beard, and it is easy to eat the food at the bottom of the bowl. If the bowl is too deep, the cat needs Putting the whole face into the bowl to eat food is very inconvenient for the cat, and it is easy to make saliva all over the food, making the cat even more reluctant to eat the food at the bottom of the bowl, and finally, it can only be thrown away.

  1. The food is not fresh.

The cats at home are different from those in the wild. Cats have everything to eat, and gradually they have higher and higher requirements for things. Naturally, they don’t want to pay attention to the food that is not fresh in front of them. If the shovel officer feeds more If the cat doesn’t eat it in time, the cat food will become stale and the smell will not be so good. The cat will leave the stale cat food at the bottom of the bowl and never eat it. Come and tell the shovel. It is time for the feces officer to feed the cat new food. At this time, the feces shovel officer needs to dump out the old food that has been put in for a long time and replace it with new food for the owner. When feeding cats and cats, you should also pay attention to feeding less. One point, it is best to feed the cat 1-2 meals, otherwise, the cat will not want to eat after the food has been stored for a long time and becomes stale.

How is leftover behavior triggered?

Cat leftovers have a lot to do with the freshness and attractiveness of the food. Cats like to eat fresh food. If the food is stored for a long time, the cat will lose interest in it, and if the cats in the house do not eat alone but share Food will also have a great impact on the cat’s eating habits. Note that when feeding cats, dry and wet food must be separated, and dry and wet food should not be mixed, because dry food can be exposed to the air for a longer time than wet food. , and if the wet food is not eaten in time, it is easy to breed bacteria. If the cat can’t finish eating, put the wet food in the refrigerator in time, or dispose of the remaining wet food, and try to eat it within 24 hours. Otherwise, the taste and freshness will be greatly affected, and the cat will not like to eat it.

Cat leftovers may also be caused by “competition” among pets in a multi-pet household. Some cats have become accustomed to leaving a little food at the bottom of the bowl for other pets to eat. Over time, a habit is formed. There will be leftovers every time, anyway, every time I have a pet to help me clean up, so I can eat almost every time.

How can I correct my cat’s leftover food behavior?

  1. Feed regularly.

Many shovelers are used to feeding cats a full bowl of food, and then let the cats eat on their own, and add more when the food is gone. This is much more convenient for the shovelers, but it will also expose the food to the air for a long time. The food is no longer fresh, which affects the taste of the cat’s food, and it is easy to breed bacteria and make the cat sick. Therefore, try not to use this feeding method. If you are too busy at work, you can feed the cat what the cat needs during the day before going to work. Food, and feed the cat the food that the cat needs in the afternoon after get off work. Feed the cat’s night food at night. After forming a habit, the cat will eat regularly, and each meal will be almost the same, and there will be no excess food left.

  1. Separate feeding.

For families with multiple pets, the shovel officer can feed the pets separately. Don’t let the cats have the pressure to eat, eat too much at once, or because there are other cats around, causing the phenomenon that they dare not eat, so that the cats can eat The body just needs the amount, neither too much nor too little, which is more conducive to the health of the cat’s body.

Do you know why cats behave with leftovers? In addition to the cat’s own habits, the habits that the cat develops, no matter how busy the shoveling officer is, you should also observe the cat’s daily habits more. May cause physical problems in cats.

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