Smile of a beautiful woman is not just for love

Smile is a kind of instinct for people.Those children who smile soon after they are born often get more care from their parents.Therefore,many children smile soon after they are born,but not because they like you are just a primary instinct.Similarly,the smile of a beautiful woman is not just for love.

smile beauty women

During the first contact between women and men,they appear to smile faster than men 0.6 times and last 5 seconds longer;but if the first talk time is too long,women’s smiles will converge faster.In other words,when she realizes that men have entangled her,she will quickly make her smile impatient and look away.

Why are women willing to show their smiles first in society?In fact, smile is the most important means of communication and defense for women,and active smiles with strangers are even more strategies for women to protect themselves.

Smiles can infect each other

Not only women smile,but men also smile.The main reason is that happiness can infect each othe.

According to experts,on average statistics,the probability that a happy person in a social network makes other people happy is 9%,and that happiness can last for one year.Researchers have found that when a person becomes happy,his friends are 25% more likely to be happy,friends of friends are 10% more likely to be happy,and friends of friends’ friends are more likely to be happy,it is 5.6%.This means that a stranger’s good mood can make a person happy than get free $ 5,000, and $ 5,000 can only increase a person’s happiness by 2%.

However,don’t expect happiness from the phone.Studies have found that the impact of happiness on partners is limited to only one mile.For emotion, distance is really important.When friends are close,they will have an effect; when they are far away, they will have no effect.The more you connect with your friends,the more happiness you capture. The “1 mile” discovery may sound different to some friends who live between the two places.But the key issue is to look at how often you look at your friends.Anyway,close people always meet.

A woman’s smile can be deceiving

A woman’s smile may be deceiving,but don’t think that women are also easy to deceive.Although the number of lies in life is shocking and most people’s ability to detect lies is low,there is a woman who cannot be deceived,that is, a woman who experienced unfortunate childhood.

Psychologist research has found that people with super lie discrimination skills often suffer damage to the left brain,weakening their ability to understand sentences and forcing them to rely more on nonverbal cues. Such as facial expressions.Recent research finds it even more curious: Lies identify wizards who often have tough childhoods,and they are more sensitive to the emotional changes of others in the family.Alcohol abuse by parents,unusual family backgrounds-such as parents who are immigrants or mothers doing hard work-were not common at the time,and similar experiences made them particularly sensitive to nonverbal cues.

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