SEO in Spanish vs SEO in English,anchor backlink useful for english website ?

Is doing SEO in Spain any different to doing SEO in English-speaking countries? In this episode of the Knowledge Panel, we explore whether you should be aware of any differences if you want your website to be riding the top of the SERPs in Spain.

For this episode, Dixon is joined by Adelina BordeaFilipa Serra GasparGemma Fontané and Montserrat Cano.

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Dixon: Another Knowledge Panel Show episode twenty-three and today we are talking about the differences between Seo and Spanish and Spanish SEO versus SEO in English and once again we have a fantastic class with us, and I think it is best for them to introduce themselves. Guys thank you very much for coming along why don’t we start with your monsieur why don’t you introduce yourself say hello who are you and where do you come from?

Montse: Hello everyone my name is Montse Cano, and I am an international digital marketing person I have been doing SEO since done for donkey’s years now I am mostly in Spain, the UK France and now in Latin as well and I am very happy to be here with you all.

Dixon: And it is great to have you on, thank you very much for coming on it has been too long for us to get you on the show to be honest with you so thanks for coming on Gemma why don’t you tell everybody about who you are and where do you come from?

Gemma: Yes sure, Hi I am Gemma Fontané a Seo consultant from Barcelona, I do international Seo for different clients, and I also have a small website that I sell Catalan Christmas products here in Spain and Catalonia but also around the world mainly in the U.S. and the U.K.

Dixon: Brilliant that is okay, so we got we got a whole Catalan versus the rest of Spanish conversation let us go political, so I will just stay up clear of that one. Felipe tells us about yourself where are you, where you come from?

Filipa: Hello everyone so my name is Felipe I am actually originally from Portugal, but I have been living in Spain for the past five six years now I got into the world of Seo a bit through copywriting and now I have been a Seo Specialist full time since like 2018-2019 and yes that is pretty much it.

Dixon: Excellent thanks very much for coming on Felipe and finally last but not least Adelina.

Adelina: Hi everyone Thank you so much for having me I’m really glad to share this space with you guys, so yeah my name is Adelina I’m a Seo specialist, I’m specialized in content I came to Seo through copywriting as Filipa, I’m Romanian but I’ve been living in Malaga for the last 15 years so yeah I’m more Spanish and thank you for having me here.

Dixon: Ah you know you’re very welcome it is great we got a very international Spanish crew which is good and so lastly last but not least, I would like to bring in my producer and make sure that I have covered all the things I am supposed to cover, David, how are you?

David: Very good indeed, I just want to say Dixon quickly to anyone that’s listening on apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, please come and interact with us live next time if you can just go to the knowledge panel show dot com sign up and watch us live and hopefully you can interact and ask a few questions and enjoy the next episode I’ll tell you exactly what’s going to happen in the next episode towards the end of this one.

Dixon: Brilliant thanks so much guys so let’s jump in straight away and start talking about Spanish and Spanish versus British or English-speaking SEO and let’s get to the root of the Spanish themselves the you know the country of Spain you guys strike me and I mean this in the most positive sense as um adventurers you know i mean all through history we’ve had the uh had you guys you know going with this against you know looking out for South America finding the world, traveling the world do you think that the spirit of adventure is something that goes into a Spanish approach to SEO or have I completely misread everything for the past 200 years who wants to go with that one first.

Gemma: I can go I think I believe that the Spanish Seo market it’s kind of wild I mean yes it’s I mean we are very different from one country to another and also in the same country so it’s kind of different while but also interesting because this difference it’s interesting and you need to learn different things in every in every place so I think it’s great.

Dixon: So, do you think that Spanish seos take risks or Do you think that they are you know conservative there’s nods coming through but for those on podcasts I cannot see that, so you know Adelina.

Adelina: Yeah well, for me the Seo here in Spain is an adventurous one yeah but it really depends on the company, I mean it goes with the soul of the company there are some companies that maybe are starting to use Seo but they don’t really know very much about it so they stop start with baby steps but those who already know what Seo is about they are just like let’s try this let’s try we copy the United States a lot it’s like we drink from them right so we see what other people do and we try to implement that and make it better in some ways see what we can improve and yeah for me Seo in Spain it’s really adventurous.

Dixon: Yes, want to see, Filipa anything to add on to those.

Filipa: I mean yes, I think definitely SEO is about trial and error, so you know you got to be a little bit adventurous, and I definitely think Spanish Seo is growing a lot lately and there is a lot of potential, so I will definitely say adventurous yes.

Dixon: Yes, it is good want to see same thoughts.

Montse: Yeah sure I agree a hundred percent with my colleagues here I do believe that the Seos in Spain are actually quite adventurous particularly now that we are actually seeing what is happening or has been happening in other countries and I think we tend to look into what has been happening and implement it in Spain as well as Adelina says it really depends on the company that you are or the clients that you’re working with at that this moment in time because it really depends sorry I have said it depends but it really depends.

Dixon: Yes, you said it in context I will let you off that one let you off that one that is okay.

Montse: Thank you.

Dixon: It’s my pet hate guys is the defense so I mean I must admit from in Lincoln’s point of view so I should have said the show is sponsored by end links and advert to win links there but from in Lincoln’s point of view we launched in Spanish as our third language so after English and French went straight to Spanish and the uptake has been pretty good and it’s um it’s interesting because it’s you know entity Seo and the stuff that we do isn’t you know the most common type of Seo i think people are kind of getting there so from what we see the Spanish giving it a try and that’s really good so let’s go into the Spanish market a little bit then and I know that you know Spanish is not just spoken in Spain it’s taken in Mexico it’s spoken you know halfway around the world and loads of different places and quite a lot in America even so but we have this question in in in English you know if you’ve got a generic English speaking website and it doesn’t really matter where your customers come from or you don’t think it matters where your customer has gone from there’s always a question do you optimize using Google’s using the U.S. results or using the U.K. results you know um does that question arise in the Spanish market or is every customer always focused on a particular market you know and which one would you go for if you were just I don’t know if you just had a Spanish dictionary that you were trying to optimize for example you know where would you be using your rank checking software wherever that might be who wants to jump in with that do you want to jump in Muncie.

Montse: I do believe that in this case we would normally go for the Spanish market in the first place I think I mean if we if we take both the Latin countries cloud and markets and the Spanish market we would go for the Spanish market in the first place um unless the ethos or the products are going to be directed or aimed at Latin countries definitely but there is there has there has been a huge trend over the last few years to also optimize and optimize for Latin countries because that that means a wide a wider market and also with a wider customer base so people have been trying that for quite some time and I have to say it has been working quite well for from what I have been reading because one of the things with the Spanish seos is that although there’s very good content marketers etc. I think we are a lot bigger with technical Seo so things like hr flank etcetera etcetera is something that we tend to like to use, and I think internal internationalization has been providing us with this particular.

Dixon: Because I find it interesting that you say that you go for Spanish first and I wonder if that’s universal across all four of you because as you say there’s a lot more people in Mexico than there are in in Spain so you know doesn’t that mean that you’re going to get more clicks and more customers from Mexico anyone else want to argue about Filipa.

Filipa: Yes so from my experience I’ve been working in Seo in Spanish only in Spain so I’ve been targeting only Spain and for example when we are working in an e-commerce we do get a lot of traffic from Latin America for example but then that traffic does not convert so the question that I often get is why do we have so much traffic and we do not have many conversions because there’s a lot of traffic coming from the outside of Spain and of course that is often something that I need to explain something that needs to be taken into consideration but I guess that if I was to optimize something in Spanish I would probably target maybe Latin America because I feel like there is a  whole new world to explore there is a lot of traffic coming from there even though sometimes I do target Spain and still we often get a lot of traffic from there so yeah.

Dixon: Okay cool excellent I mean if Jeremy do you want to jump in, I will show you or.

Gemma: Well no I just want to add that maybe it depends a lot on the sector too for example in Spanish in Spain the commerce sector it’s like a lot very high a lot of people are buying online however I also work with b2b companies and there we have like more market in Mexico, Chile,  countries from Latin so it’s also maybe e-commerce sector in Spain is bigger so I will go for e-commerce in Spain but maybe in a time uh p2p services are at an opportunity too.

Dixon: Okay.

Adelina: Yeah that’s exactly what happened to me we started with the b2b project here in Spain everything was going good but it went pretty well in Argentina we launched first in Argentina and then Mexico and Venezuela and the product just took off you know it was crazy so uh I would start with I think we started with Spain just because the startup was Spanish.

Dixon: I suppose if you get it right in Spanish in Spain, you’re going to get it right the rest of the rest of the world over well we’ve got a much better chance anyway so that’s good so I got a question in from Andrews actually who’s asked us when we speak about the Spanish Seo market what would you say the content must be would it be customer orientated or product orientated so Eli Schwartz has written a book product led Seo and he’s looking at you know really focusing on the on the product another school of thought is you know always focus on the custom or Google’s case of course there’s overlaps between those two those two things but do you have a pr a tendency to go one way or another who wants to jump in there.

Montse: I can go first um yeah in my in my case I always go I will just go customer face customer centers to me to me they are they are the ones who are actually going to do the conversions for the ones who are actually going to click on the products and then and then buy obviously the content that you’re writing needs to be descriptive of the product and you need to be in it needs to be absolutely actual as well so that people can understand so potential users can understand what exactly it is that they are buying and so in that case I guess I would say is product-led product centered but at the end of the day the customers are the ones who are going to buy although I do understand this this this school of thought as well that you mentioned I appreciate it.

Adelina: Yeah I’m going to jump in with monsieur’s opinion um and I’m a content Seo so for me it’s customer first but you need to let your product be known to the world so you have to treat your product with a lot of pamper you know the same you are treating your customer you have to treat your product I think it’s a both way situation and for me is the a mix of both of them but eventually maybe 60 for the customer and 40 for the product more or less.

Dixon: Okay Gemma, Filipa had any thoughts on that you go with them you are going with the majority.

Filipa: Yes, I definitely I agree i would say customer first but as Adelina said it is a mix of both, but I would tend to go more to the costumer side let us say yes but I agree with everything they said.

Dixon: Okay no dissent then and no descent from you Gemma either right okay we’ll go with the customer that’s pretty universal opinion there so that’s good I mean that said and I’m going to  because it sounds like Eli Schwartz has got a really interesting book called product led Seo and I think what’s really interesting about thinking about it from the point of view of a product is that you don’t assume that every customer is going to be your customer and I think that’s a useful lesson for Seos to understand because it differentiates yourselves from the rest of the world you know Donald trump’s a great example I know he’s nothing to do with Spain, thank goodness for you but you know I think this idea that you know he has decided there you go product Seo shown on the screen for those that are we’re on the live webinar it won’t be in the podcast and you can get my book entity Seo as well okay thank you David okay we’ll cut that out of the other side but yeah I think that power to differentiate yourself against your competition is very important for Seo increasingly important because everything’s so the same now so that’s kind of why my uh where I think the product led Seo probably has a value in here okay so uh right is it the Spanish market I mean as developed as the English-speaking market in terms of Seo uh and you know Adeline you kind of suggested that you kind of the Spanish market sort of takes what the Americans have done and copies it which is kind of what the U.K. do but we kind of get there within weeks and maybe it takes a few more months or a while for the Spanish to catch on to the ideas I don’t know but it is a Spanish market as developed as English-speaking markets from the point of view of the Seos and also from the point of view of the customers so the S the people that you’re selling your Seo services to do you think there’s a difference there a disconnect there between you know the Seo’s abilities and the customers understanding I go Adelina because you started with the with the comment that you copy what the Americans do.

Adelina: Yeah like we do copy some of the things we do watch Americans a lot and try to improve what they are doing but I think we also have amazing professional people here in Spain and I think the Spain market maybe has started a bit you know um later than the American one but I think the Spanish market is coming to the same point so it’s true that we do watch the Americans and we do see a lot what they are doing and I think they have a lot of new ideas but I also think that we are getting to that point as well so for me is a market that has achieved to develop in a great way even though it started a bit later.

Dixon: And what about the customers Gemma are they keeping up.

Gemma: I mean the customers are so much different in English markets than in Spanish market for example well you can see it with online Selling like it’s so much different here than in the U.S. people are not so used to buy or online although alright in Spain it’s increasing a lot customers are different it’s yeah I mean it’s so different we buy in other marketplaces for example we buy in amazon here in Spain and for example in Latin America libra is the most popular one so it’s like we are getting there but maybe we are getting there different.

Dixon: oh, hey Filipa anything to add in there.

Filipa: I am not sure if Mike could disagree oh sorry.

Dixon: Yes, go on I continue Filipa we will get myself.

Filipa: I am not sure if my colleagues agree with me, but I do have the feeling that maybe the link building field and it’s still a bit I still see some dodgy practices sometimes such as like you know private blog networks and stuff like that in the Spanish market that perhaps it’s not so common in the English-speaking market.

Dixon: It is not still remarkably common in the English market.

Filipa: Yeah, I am not sure but yes, I do feel that it is still a practice, and it is like you know well I do not agree with it but yes.

Dixon: There you go yes let us see you want to dive in.

Montse: Yeah I just wanted to say that I think most in this market in the Spanish market and also in the nation we are basically catching up just playing catching up simply because we started a bit later but I think Seo from a professional perspective I think has increased and has developed greatly over the last 10, 15 years so it’s not like we are lagging behind a lot not anything and in fact I think there is I think most of the Seo stuff that we have would actually be known for here is mostly technical Seo although like I said before there are plenty of great content marketers in here as well an affiliate I think it’s mostly I don’t know whether Geremiah agrees with me or not it’s mostly technically Seos and but I think I don’t really think we are lagging too much behind not anything at all and study practices my goodness everywhere every day all the time you can you can even smell them it’s so easy in terms of marketers in terms of marketers also real monsters in the market.

Dixon: Yes, continue yes in case it has gone it is about just going.

Montse: In terms of the customers I think that has taken a longer time yeah a longer time to catch up I think our habits have shifted greatly just like everywhere else in the world but I think the maturity digital maturity in Spanish markets or Spanish-speaking markets are a lot it’s a lot less mature so to speak than in other in other countries particularly the English-speaking ones and I have had some recent experience with a lot some country a Latin-American country where it was very interesting but it was so difficult to do people researching there in this particular one it was all it was for an e-commerce and I can tell you I was so surprised to find out that keywords such as buy this purchase that etc. etc. you just wouldn’t find them.

Dixon: Just giving me a really good chance to talk about the fact that InLinks is about to come out with a topic-based keyword research tool so it’ll be language agnostic so we’ll just going to throw that in there should be out by the end of the month I hope I’m going to get shot now for Fred because it’s probably not ready but anyway but I think you make an interesting point about the  fact that both you and you and Adelina made the point that you know maybe in the past you know Spain was a bit far further behind but it’s caught up quite quickly and I remember a lecture lecturer a Swedish lecturer 25 years ago when the internet was I’d say fairly young my wife came home one day and said I’ve just heard this lecture I bought it on a tape literally on one of those tapes with reels and uh and we played it in the car for probably about five years and he was talking about things that he called techno-economic parity which so he was 25 years ago he was saying right okay maybe now you know America’s really doing well on you know in search and all this other stuff but you know all these other countries around the world are going to catch up and when the infrastructure catches up all of a sudden it you know somebody in India or Spain or France or anywhere else can learn just as quickly as anyone else and once you take away that that barrier to entry then of course everyone’s going to catch up you know pretty quickly and it seems to be seems to be happening now unfortunately we’re still an unequal society around the world so the rest of equality hasn’t evened up but it does appear that you know there is some benefits to the rest of the world now of being able to catch up technically on those things now so let’s uh let’s talk about links someone mentioned links but we might have some bias group here but here’s a question content links will tech Seo what’s Spain what are the Spanish like content links will take Seo or something else I’ll go in with Gemma there.

Gemma: Yeah, sure I mean which one I think that all of them but it depends a lot on if you are working on an agency or not because here it’s not so much developed like everything so differentiated for my point of bill and it’s like everybody’s working everything but maybe in a separate way in in some cases especially in the smaller agencies so it’s like lynx it’s a whole world I mean I think most of us don’t know how to do it or how it is or maybe we do it in in our way like most journalists don’t know about Seo I mean I’ve worked in a newspaper and they don’t know what Seo is so it’s like maybe you don’t even get a link and.

Dixon: Just like just buy some journalists and bribe it.

Gemma: but uh the big newspapers they obviously they know everything but it just we are getting there and, but it is like a little bit of everything, and it depends on a lot uh about the sector and if you are a big company or not, I do not know yes.

Dixon: So, i mean I know Muncie’s very much you know technical I would call you a technical Seo monsieur would you say that the Spanish market are technically adept.

Montse: Yeah no definitely it’s not and it’s not a question of whether we are or not is whether is whether there are more or the number of people that we were talking about the number of people who might be more technically adept because the fact is that we as started I’m sorry I’m really nervous but the fact that we started late means that there are less people or there might be less people than in other countries in other markets who are doing technology or content Seo or whatever technical marketing yeah so but this pain definitely has great technical Seos and great Seo generally speaking is just that we don’t tend to advertise ourselves too much and it’s not just the English language just we don’t we are not geared we are just not good at advertising ourselves so this is the reason why there are a few tools such as key trends or etc. that are very good for Seos as well uh keyword Clusterization etc. etc. .they are very good they are they are made here in Spain and i don’t think that many people do know them everybody knows I’m rushed everybody knows on crawl because they’ve got this very big infrastructure behind them which is what exactly what they need to do but we are not that very good at advertising ourselves and therefore perhaps we are less known for that but there’s plenty of people in here who can actually do a very good job in terms of technical Seo definitely.

Dixon: Adelina and Filipa you come from a content background do you so do you see it slightly differently do you see that your content led as a Seos.

Adelina: What I wanted to say on this podcast and I’m going to say it is that I really think that Spanish content is achieving an excellent quality and I think it’s even better than you know the American one that we are speaking about America I think that we are focusing so much in giving the right quality and we are doing uh the customer first and we are doing the we explain everything about the product we let you know how to use it we just pamper it a lot I love that word by the way and I think that leads us to excellent results it happened for me I and that’s why I like this part of the Seo the technical part I love it too I know how to do some of the technical stuff I’m not as pro as many people but for me the content is you know one of the backbones that it has to be worked with a lot of logic behind.

Dixon: And of course, the customer can see that can see the content and understand the content they cannot understand that you’ve just it is speed it is sped up the site.

Adelina: Yeah and the perfect thing is that if you are in love with your product and your workers are in love with your product uh the customer knows that it’s really easy to see when you have you know stuffed keywords or just writing because you are writing and when you do it because you love what you’re writing about.

Dixon: So that’s interesting and Filipa you are content led as well so are you going to go for the content as the strength of the Spanish Seo industry.

Filipa: I would say so I mean I really like the three of them you know technical link building and content but probably I would say content I also believe that there is a bit of a perception sometimes in Spain that Seo is just content and it’s like okay it is important but we also need to have the other stuff into consideration but yeah I would probably choose content it’s something that I really like and it can be very challenging in Spanish as well because you know many words are gendered and in English we do not have that so it’s quite different we use a lot of prepositions I think it’s definitely more challenging to write in Spanish than in English in that in that way but yeah I would go I’ll go for content I’ll say like they say content is king so I’ll leave it like that.

Dixon: It’s probably more difficult for us to understand the entities on there as well so but yes well while we’re there then Filipa what about budgets in Spanish I mean I don’t know if you’ve got customers with it with English budgets and English-speaking customers and then Spanish-speaking customers but is there a difference in the price expectations that Spanish may have Filipa but what’s your experience you know how much okay but no one’s going to answer that one.

Filipa: I would say that uh the English-speaking markets are more willing to actually pay for a service and the Spanish-speaking markets are way more skeptical well skipped yes that’s the word I’m looking for I would definitely say that and then because also Seo you know it takes time it’s not something that you can see immediately so it is often taken as something that is it really going to work and I think that people are not in general are not willing to invest as much as in the English-speaking markets definitely.

Dixon: Is that the view around I saw monsieur wagging nodding ahead viciously there when you know Spanish do not want to spend any money is that right.

Montse: it’s vastly different from other countries it really is but I think it really it really is partly because of what Filipa was saying a few minutes ago about contents because the expectation is about content and nothing else and it really is not that there’s a lot of it’s a lot of work that we need to do to educate our customers potential customers as well in terms of what they can expect in terms of Seo etcetera etcetera a lot more than English-speaking countries certainly a lot more than in the U.K. because yeah the expectation is that you either do a lot of technical work technical is here and then I would agree with what joseph was saying a minute ago on the on the comments.

Dixon: Yes, there is a comment in there for anybody on the podcast that joseph came in and said that he feels that this technical Seo is it is the Spanish the Spanish Seo strength I would say yes so there is definitely two points of view on that one, I think.

Montse: but I think at the same time when you talk to clients in Spain what happens is that you are expected to produce content and to add content every day or at least once or twice a week if possible because that that for them is what matters and that’s what they are willing to pay for they are not willing to pay for generally speaking for all the effort that it takes to actually bring that content up um produce that content monitor it etc. etc. I don’t really I still think that there is a lot of a lot of work for us to do because they seem to think that there is a little bit of black magic involved rather than anything else it’s not it’s this is a huge challenge here in Spain and therefore the money comes with it as well.

Dixon: Then Gemma and Adelina then you know if budgets are tight in Spanish even so you kind of what are the things that are important in a pitch to try and get a Spanish company on your books if you’re if you’re trying to pitch to somebody what do you think of the you know the talking points that they expect to see in a in a pitch what’s going to make them splash the cash Gemma.

Gemma: In my case as a freelance they are only focused on revenue I mean they are looking they are looking for making money online because most of the websites are not making so it’s like if you show them like conversions and how that how Seo is going to help their business if you focus Seo with their business goals it’s a good way to make them believe in your in Seo and what is Seo for.

Dixon: It’s not always easy to do though is it to go into the pitch and say hey because you don’t know how profitable or unprofitable their website is before you go in and so you’re given a poison challenge maybe the way to do that is to say well this much traffic if you had to pay for it would cost this much so you can use the ppc kind of comparison thing.

Gemma: Yeah this is one thing but also because sometimes like they’re they are websites that they don’t have any keyword ranked so it’s like if you show the competition if you show them how much traffic the other ones are getting and you educate them a little bit and you show them other examples other projects it’s I mean they can understand you and believe in you and know what’s what save it for I delete anything to add on that.

Adelina: Yeah I really think that this has to do with what we were speaking before about how the market has evolved in a slower way than the professional side because we still have to educate a lot our customer and our clients sometimes like Montse said and they think that we do some kind of black magic like and there you have your keywords ranked you know for me it’s there but when you want to sell something I do the one that you said it’s like if you do this with paid one it’s going it’s going to cost you like double triple or whatever and it works pretty well.

Dixon: So we’re about near the end I just finished by asking Montse mentioned some bunch of Spanish tools so why don’t I finish by asking each of you whether you’ve got one favorite Spanish tool to use in the Spanish market whether it’s Spanish or not is there a favorite tool that you’ve got you don’t have to mention anything so it’s fine that’s they’re just sponsors we don’t really care about them now but you know why don’t I start with you monsieur since you rattled off a few there very quickly what would be your favorite tool that is interesting either Spanish made or Spanish focused.

Montse: I like in links for example.

Dixon: Yes, you did not have to do that but thank you the beer is in the post.

Montse: Cool um one that i have um come across very recently is called key trends which is I told you um to help you with Clusterized work with the clusterization of words.

Dixon: Okay.

Montse: So, when you are doing keyword research and you know you need to do the Clusterization is so time consuming this one actually makes it a lot easier it is still in development, but I think is this this is a good idea to take a look at.

Dixon: I am going to have to show you I will show you what we are coming out with next week okay anyone else want to jump in with this favorite tool Gemma.

Gemma: Yeah, I will go well with SEMrush but also here uh the keyword planner of village for me it is great because I can localize.

Dixon: The keyword planner of what.

Gemma: Google ads

Dixon: Oh, Google ads okay.

Gemma: Yes, because it is I mean we have a lot of different languages for example inside of a Spain and this helps you to localize everything and every region, so this is good.

Dixon: Cool, Adelina throwing in.

Adelina: if we are speaking like I have SEMrush is one of my favorites I know I’m super basic but I love it but then if we’re speaking about you know reviewing all the content I have this tool called Grammarly that it’s super simple and it says well in Spanish then as well it does it in Spanish as well yeah and it just works so well to save me a lot of time.

Dixon: I agree I couldn’t live without Grammarly now my typing has got so bad i have so many errors when I do anything that if i didn’t have Grammarly I’d you know people would assume that I’m you know more than dyslexic no I agree with that one but I didn’t know it was available in other languages as well so that’s a new one for me so that’s good Filipa.

Filipa: it is not a Spanish tool but I would say maybe Cistrix I also like it a lot it’s quite good in Spanish and I tend to use it quite a lot as well so yeah that’s the one I would probably mention but actually I don’t know any Spanish tool now from the top of my head to be honest I was thinking about no.

Dixon: No I like the guys as historic because they’ve just got on with their own thing over the last 20 episodes for years and years and years so and they’ve just been getting on with their own thing and they’ve done a very good job I think of being that that product that isn’t for everybody but for the people it’s there for it’s a really good product and people seem to like it that’s good guys thank you ever so much for coming along I really do appreciate it before I just ask you know to say how people can get hold of you if they if they want to I’m going to bring back David to make sure that I’ve covered everything and to find out what’s happening in the next episode David.

David: Yeah indeed great conversation today so thanks so much everyone for taking part I just want to remind you listening you’re watching the knowledgepanelshow.com is where you need to go if you want to be signed up to be alerted when we actually go live next time next month we’re going to be live on Monday the 20th of June at 4 p.m. because and that is a topic on how Seo and ppc can work together we’re already a couple of great people signed up for that one Nava Hopkins and Becky SMS uh plus they’ll probably be another guest for that one as well so remember the knowledgepanelshow.com

Dixon: We should get Gemma back for that since she likes google planner quite so much Seo stuff as well so, but Gemma how do people find you if they want to find out more about you and uh get in touch.

Gemma: Yes, through twitter or LinkedIn with Gemma Fontana and that is all.

Dixon: So, for those who cannot see a screen that’s Gemma with a Gemma and then f-o-n-t-a-n-e acute I do not know how you put an acute in a computer but.

Gemma: You do not need it.

Dixon: You do not need it okay uh Filipa how do people get hold of you.

Filipa: Yes, so if you google me Filipa, Sarah Gaspar my LinkedIn should be the first on the surface.

Dixon: So, I have to do this every time so okay so just for everybody else Filipa is spent with an f i l i p and then Sarah is s-e-r-a and then Gaspar g-a-s-p-a-r I am sure when we do that, we will get you yes okay.

Filipa: Yeah, or on Twitter at if you leave for Gaspar yes.

Dixon: Excellent that’s great Angelina, Adelina sorry well I you can find me on LinkedIn as Adelina Bordeaux with the bum and then I am on twitter as well I am not pretty active, but I will try to be from now on maybe.

Dixon: Again, for the podcast I’m just going to say a d e l i n a b o r d e a it just stops any confusion for anybody listening it that’s great and finally Monty how do we get hold of you well if you’re Gonna talk with a moot mike then we’re never Gonna find out where to find you [Laughter]

Montse: They’d point that one so you can find me on LinkedIn and also on twitter um my name on twitter is my handle is Monsiecano just like you are saying on your screen all um so m-o-n-t-s-c-c-a-n-o or all together.

Dixon: Brilliant guys, thank you ever so much Joseph just came in and said thank you very much as well but It’s been a lovely show really nice to have you guys really appreciate your perspective and thanks very much for coming on the mall at the panel show and for everybody out there in internet land we’ll see you next time.

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