Converse successful marketing strategies examples in africa

Mr. Head is the general manager of Converse Africa.While he was thinking about how to explore the african market,a company store in Johannesburg was robbed by a group of beggars.

At that time,the company was not optimistic about the African market,and even planned to cancel the specialty store.But Hedley made a public decision and made a marketting strategy idear.He asked the clerk to take out the shoes in the warehouse and fill the shelves again.

After a few days,the specialty store was robbed again.Surprisingly,Head didn’t seem to have learned any lessons and continued to stock up.This robbery happened several times,and the loss of the specialty store was not small. Local media have reported this.Employees felt that Head’s approach was too crazy,and they proposed that they should immediately find the police to protect the store.Head stopped it: If the police came,how could they sell shoes? If you go to the street and take a closer look,you will know what happened. At this time,everyone noticed that many beggars on the street were wearing Converse shoes.And the shoes are sturdy and durable and can withstand the test of sandy land.

Soon,from Johannesburg to South Africa,whether rich or poor,officials or civilians,they all remembered a sneaker called Converse.The brand’s sales have finally opened.What a sucessful marketting strategies example!

Danger is not always the enemy,and danger often contains opportunities for success.

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