how to be beautiful women

How to make youself prettier naturally

Every woman hopes that she will stay forever and spend a lot of money on various skin care products.Beautiful women have 7 things: fruits, vegetables,porridge,poridge,tea,books,philosophy.In fact,as long as you can do these 7 simple things,it is not difficult to stay beautiful.

Fruit: Colorful fruits not only have a beautiful appearance,but also are rich in vitamins and minerals,which can provide sufficient nutrients for the skin and effectively combat skin aging.Women can eat more citrus fruits,such as orange,grapefruit,jujube,kiwi, etc.These fruits are rich in vitamin C,which can whiten the skin and remove wrinkles and spots.

Vegetable:Green vegetables contain a large amount of vitamin C and chlorophyll,which can play an antioxidant and anti-aging role.The yellow-red vegetables represented by carrots,such as pumpkins,sweet potatoes, and tomatoes,are rich in carotene.After entering the body,carotene can be converted into vitamin A,which has the function of maintaining the function of skin cells.Anti-wrinkle and keeping skin soft and supple.

Porridge: For women,instead of using various skin care products to hydrate and moisturize,it is better to cook some ingredients with beauty and beauty effects into porridge to nourish the body and mind cooking sesame,walnut kernel,coriander seed,lotus seed,mulberry and rice together can nourish the kidney,and it can maintain the beauty of the skin and delay the aging effect.In addition,fish and shellfish are rich in zinc and selenium,which can enhance immune function and antioxidant.Therefore,women may wish to cook some fish porridge and scallop porridge often.

Egg: Adequate protein is very important for women’s beauty.And eggs are a good source of protein.Studies have shown that eggs have the effects of brain strengthening,protecting the liver,preventing arteriosclerosis, preventing cancer,and delaying aging.However,egg yolk contains a lot of cholesterol,so you must eat the right amount of eggs.

Tea: Some people say that the tea room is another beauty salon for women. Drinking tea has many benefits for women’s maintenance.Whether it’s green tea,black tea,oolong tea,or flower tea,it’s good for women.Tea polyphenols in tea have the effect of scavenging free radicals and anti-aging.In addition,tea also has a strong degreasing effect.Some studies have pointed out that people who have long-term tea drinking habits will have significantly less body fat than people who do not drink tea,and also have less abdominal fat.And the longer the tea drinking habits,the more obvious the fat burning effect.So,if you want to stay slim,drink tea every day.

Book: There is a poetry and self-confidence in the belly,and reading is a deep beauty for women.A truly beautiful woman is a woman who is good at drawing “spiritual food”.It is said that beauty is easy to grow old,but talent, charm and wisdom do not pass with time.Therefore,even if you are busy at work,you should take the time to read more good books and let yourself exude charm from the inside out.

Philosophy: To be a beautiful woman,you must not only “tune in”,but also “tune your heart.”Irritability,anxiety,pessimism jealousy, etc. will only make you age prematurely.If you want to stay young forever,try to let yourself have a “wisdom heart”,not to be happy with things,not to be sad,to have a calm state of mind,not to be shocked.Maintaining a positive and up-to-the-minute mentality,considering everything from the front and controlling your emotions is the best maintenance secret.

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