What is it that seems courageous but is extremely stupid

The wolf attacked the sheep and was found by the dog.The dog barked twice and swooped up.After the fight,the wolf was driven away,but the dog was seriously injured.

The owner was very moved,and he healed him while asking him,”Did you ever feel scared when you saw the wolf?”

The dog honestly said, “I was really scared at the beginning.The reason why I was screaming loudly was to be brave for myself.Later,when I realized that protecting the sheep was my duty,I left the fear behind after my head,I rushed over to fight the wolf. “

After listening,the master said, “You are brave!”

While walking the dog,the donkey volunteered,demanding that they protect the sheep,but was rejected by the owner.

The donkey was dissatisfied,thinking that he was more brave and capable than a dog: When a dog sees a wolf,it is still afraid.If it sees a wolf,it will not be afraid at all.Because it is bigger than a wolf and stronger than a dog—its ancestor,the famous disaster donkey,has n’t it made the tiger the king of animals afraid?

In order to prove his bravery and strength,the donkey ran secretly to find the wolf to settle accounts.As a result,it went nowhere and was eaten by the wolf.

After the donkey was eaten by the wolf,the master said, “A man who doesn’t know what to be afraid of is not brave,but stupid,this is what is it that seems courageous but is extremely stupid!”

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