watches and warnings

crow watches and warnings

There is an old bridge over a small river in the forest.A big tree grows on the edge of the old bridge,and a crow lives on it.

When a goat walked across the old bridge,the old bridge made a “squeaky” sound.The crow was startled,and leaned out of the nest to remind the goat: “Goat,stop walking on this bridge,it may break at any time.”

The goat asked curiously,”How do you know that the bridge is about to break?”

Crow reminded: “Did you not hear bridge call today different? That was its painful moan.”

“Nonsense! I can hear this voice every day when I walk over the bridge.It has to be broken for a long time.”The goat said,aggravating,and the old bridge made a bigger”squeak”.

When walking a dog across the old bridge,the old bridge made a “squeaky” sound as usual.The crow pulled out his hair again and warned: “Dog,the bridge is about to break.You listen,how sad it is!”

“Bridge can cry,can it still have a mouth?” The dog mocked dissatisfied. “Crows who love chewing tongues,you better shut up,lest you plant them from the tree without notice.”

A monkey jumped and past the old bridge,and the old bridge couldn’t help but squeak.The crow flew into the air and shouted,”Be careful,the bridge is broken.”

The monkey was frightened and stood there at a loss.He waited for a while, but found that the bridge was not moving,and he yelled:”Smelly crow,what are you barking for? You don’t blame me for cutting your tongue.” Stone to throw the crow. The crow’s shoulder was smashed,and the cricket flew back to the nest in bark.

It wasn’t just them,other animals didn’t wait to see the crow,and they accused him of talking indiscriminately.The unfortunate encounter again and again completely broke the crow’s heart.From then on,no matter how loud the old bridge made,he said nothing.The crow didn’t speak,and the animals in the past ignored the sound of the old bridge.

Suddenly one day,several animals passed by the old bridge.Bridge screamed first and then creaked.When everyone noticed that something was wrong, the old bridge collapsed.The animals were dead and wounded,and the scene was unbearable.

“Oh,how could this happen?Well,I knew that something would happen sooner or later.”The crow saw and flew to call someone to rescue.However, the rescued animals not only did not thank him,but also accused him of hurting him by not saying bad things.

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