Benefit of drinking red wine

People who drink red wine have increased intestinal microbial diversity (a sign of intestinal health) and are associated with lower levels of obesity and less “bad” cholesterol.

Researchers at King’s College,University of London,UK,selected 916 female twins from the United Kingdom to examine the effects of drinking beer, cider,red wine,white wine,and spirits on their gut microbiota (GM) and health.

The analysis results showed that the gut microbiota of red wine drinkers was more diverse than those who did not drink red wine,which was manifested in their intestines containing more different types of bacteria.

australia flinders red win
australia flinders red win

In addition,people who regularly drink red wine are less obese and have lower levels of “bad” cholesterol.However,this phenomenon was not observed in white wine,beer or hard drinkers.

This study believes that red wine contains many polyphenols.Polyphenols are defensive chemicals that occur naturally in many fruits and vegetables. They have many beneficial properties,including antioxidantsand are mainly used as food for microorganisms in the intestinal system.

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