Daily philosophy story-will this person matter in your life

In ancient times,people wanted to kill a bear and would hang a heavy piece of wood over a bowl of honey.When a bear wants to eat honey,it must first push away the wood,and the wood will swing back and hit the bear; The bear is angry and pushes the wood harder,and the wood hits it more violently,and so on,until the bear is killed.It is a philosophy story,it happen daily in life constantly.

The person who complains is actually like this stupid bear.The other person may have hurt you only once,but you have thought again and again in your heart,thinking repeatedly,as if you have been hurt thousands of times.Full of hatred will only make you think more about that thing,and think about that person more.Why is this so hard?

I recently read a small story on the internet,and I find it very interesting.

The story says that one teacher grouped the students who did the homework in groups of twelve.One student asked the teacher to let him change groups.The teacher asked, “Why?”

The student said, “Because I hate one of them.”

Teacher Xun let him change.But ask him: “Do you hate the other members?”

The students said, “No, they are all great.”

Teacher Wu said, “Will this person matter in your life?”

The student replied: “An important ghost! Hate him?”

Teacher Yun said, “But ten good friends can’t keep you,but you leave for him alone.You say,is this person important?”

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