what is feature of business of communication

What is business of communication

Successful communication is an important guarantee for building a good relationship.To communicate,we must first avoid some offensive communication behaviors.What are they?

This is especially important in business communication.Avoid angry words, radical words,insincere words,and even swear words in business communication,including shirk words.For example,in the face of the other party’s question,such things as “how do I know this”,”that matter is not under my control”,”hurry up”,”nonsense”,etc.When the other party said something wrong,saying “you are wrong” directly is also absurd and rude.

Stick in and carry it.

Perhaps the original intention is to rush to explain the so-called truth, but this kind of impolite and ignoring the existence of others,it feels domineering and difficult to give a good impression.

Make assertions easily.

If the conversation between the two parties is more complicated,they will often have their own ideas.At this time,you must listen to the other person ’s words,listen to their opinions on the issue you are talking about,and do n’t just listen to the beginning and make the assertion lightly.Waiting for the other party to finish speaking is both basic courtesy and a comprehensive understanding of the other party’s true intentions.

Show off yourself.

Business transactions are expensive and honest,and things beyond their own capabilities,boastful talk,can only give the bad impression of flashy, hollow and strong outside.For example,even if the content about the supply dental lab you are talking about happens to be a connoisseur,it must be adequate,and you can’t talk endlessly,otherwise it is easy to be misunderstood as bragging or showing off by you.

Behaving high.

In business dealings,we all have different identities.But since sitting together,it is bound to be a common goal: win-win cooperation,not life or death.Therefore,in business communication,even if you have a high status and are stronger than the other party,you must lay down and communicate and communicate with each other in an equal manner,so as to have a respectable,long-term and stable cooperation.Never be aggressive and dominated.

Poor manners.

Jack Welch,a former CEO of General Motors in the United States,said: “To win the trust of customers,you must show trustworthy behavior.” Many manners give a negative impression,such as: scratching his head,pointing with his index finger,Shake your legs,dig your nostrils or ears,yawn, stretch your waist,stand leaning,stand with your hands in your pockets, lie in your chair while sitting,talk without looking at people,do other things while talking, etc.

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