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teeth care is still import after the dental implant treatment

Toothache is not a disease. It hurts! Many people in life wait until their teeth are broken and toothache before they think about caring for dental health. How do the “small black spots” on the teeth “eat” the whole tooth with one bite? The root canal treatment is terrible. Do I have to do it?

To solve the common oral health problems, the dental experts points out the the teeth with “little black spots”maybe “eat” the whole tooth.

From tooth decay to only one rotten tooth root is actually a long-term continuous process. when dental caries have just occurred,they can often be found in the teeth.Black spots are seen in the small grooves on the teeth surface.If you do not deal with them in time,the scope of caries will become larger and larger,and if they are rotten enough,they may invade the dental nerves,inflammation of the dental nerves,symptoms of toothache,and pulpitis.It happened and a root canal treatment was needed. If left untreated,the broken teeth will keep the teeth from decaying until the teeth can no longer be retained.

The so-called root canal treatment is to “pulp out” the infected and inflamed tooth nerve,so that it becomes a “dead tooth”,no longer inflamed,and the “dead tooth” can still be used. “Early caries occurs in the hard tissues of the teeth,and it only needs to be excavated and supplemented.Once it invades the dental nerve,root canal treatment is needed.”

Root canal treatment must be performed after dental pulpitis occurs, otherwise it can further develop into periapical periodontitis,which may lead to internal absorption of the teeth.Spreading along the apical mouth can also lead to periapical abscesses.

Bleeding gums,Don’t delay

Periodontitis is one of the most common oral diseases.

Many people don’t take gum bleeding seriously and don’t deal with it in time.”Small faults can cause periodontal hard tissue damage and become more and more serious.Early detection and treatment are the best.

When gingivitis occursthe gums are red and swollen,showing a dark red color;bleeding from brushing,bleeding from hard bites,or blood in the mouth when you wake up in the morning.Gingivitis can also show symptoms of odor.If inflammation involves hard tissues and alveolar bone atrophy, it is manifested as loose and displaced teeth,weakness,and pain in biting things. The treatment of periodontal disease is mainly aimed at the cause, removing calculus and plaque.Teeth washing is part of the treatment of periodontal disease.Regular tooth cleaning with scalar also helps to prevent periodontal disease.It is recommended to clean and wash the teeth once a year,and patients with periodontitis once every six months.

After dental implant,be especially wary of peri-implantitis

It will begin to repair after three months of tooth extraction.There are currently three main methods of repairing missing teeth:dental implants, movable teeth,and fixed bridges,among which dental implants are the most recommended way.

How long can dental implants be used? Generally speaking,dental implants can be used for 30 years,and the specific use period is related to personal oral health and maintenance.

Periodontitis is the biggest challenge for dental implants.Dental implants do not have “cavities”,but they may become loose,so dental implants are not a one-time solution,especially when you are aware of inflammation around the implant.

Daily care is also particular about:

first brushing teeth must be in place;

auxiliary use of oral cleaning tools;

re-examination every six months to a year,those with periodontitis re-examination every six months,better oral hygiene once a year,and find problems in a timely manner

Teeth should also be washed regularly after dental implants.It should be noted that due to the material of the implant,the dental cleaning instruments used for dental implants and natural teeth are different. Therefore,it is recommended that dental implant patients wash their teeth at a dental specialist or professional dental institution,and inform the doctor before cleaning.

Careful about toothbrush selection,Need to be replaced in three months

There are many types of toothbrushes on the market.How should I choose? In fact,what type of toothbrush is not important,the key is how to use it.

In general,when choosing a toothbrush,pay attention to the small details of the brush head,medium hardness of the bristles,easy grip of the brush handle,and rounded tip of the brush head.Many people think that toothbrushes do not need to be replaced without deforming.

In this regard,the toothbrush generally needs to be replaced once every three months,and it is recommended to replace it once it is deformed.The toothbrush should be placed with the brush head facing up.

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