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what attention for elederly oral health

With growing age,the body’s various tissues and organs will gradually degenerate,and the oral cavity is one of them.Some people do not have a good understanding of oral health care.They do not pay attention to oral hygiene for various reasons and cannot brush their teeth every day.If they are accompanied by bad habits such as smoking and drinking,they will increase the incidence of oral diseases.With the development of the economy and the improvement of awareness,the elderly are paying more and more attention to the quality of life and oral health, but the basic conditions of the oral cavity have changed, the difficulty of treatment has increased, and the efficacy is uncertain for treatment.

Among oral diseases,the highest incidence is caries and periodontal disease,and the detection rate is relatively high in the elderly.Periodontal disease has become the leading cause of tooth extraction for adults.

Periodontal disease is a disease that occurs in the supporting tissues of the teeth.If there are tartar and plaque around the teeth,the gums will be inflammatory,and the gums will gradually shrink,and the alveolar bone will gradually shrink like water and soil loss.Without healthy periodontal tissues,teeth cannot be stabilized,bleeding from brushing,weak bite, food impaction, and insufficient chewing. When the body’s resistance is reduced or it is accompanied by systemic diseases such as diabetes,it will also aggravate the inflammation of periodontal tissues.Full mouth cleansing (tooth washing) is a basic treatment to remove tartar and plaque around the teeth and control the progress of periodontal disease,and it is also an effective method for periodontal treatment.

At the same time, the gums recede and the roots are gradually exposed.Dental caries around the roots without enamel protection are very prone to dental caries, that is,root caries, and the root surface of the tooth slowly corrodes,which can develop into pulpitis,causing tooth pain,and gradually become periapical inflammation,even broken teeth. If oral inspection can be performed regularly and dental caries filled in time,it can effectively prevent the continued progress of dental caries.

Both caries and periodontal disease can cause tooth loss in the elderly.If the teeth are not inserted restoration in time,it will not only increase the burden on the remaining teeth,but also change the direction of the teeth,disorder the dentition,and poor occlusion,thereby reducing the chewing efficiency, increasing the burden on the digestive system,and affecting overall health.

In the winter,when the temperature drops,the cold water when brushing your teeth or the cool wind when walking in the morning can cause toothache.Clinically,it is called dentin hypersensitivity. After years of use and loss of teeth, the hard external enamel gradually wears off. The fiber-rich dentin tubules of the nerve endings are directly exposed to the oral environment, which cannot resist the hot and cold sweet and sour stimulation.There are also some elderly people,because the brushing method is incorrect,the toothbrush selected is too large and too stiff, resulting in a wedge-shaped defect in the neck of the tooth,which will also make the tooth unable to tolerate changes in temperature and irritation.Once the teeth are sensitive to hot and cold stimulation,they need to go to the dental hospital to repair the defective teeth.Usually,you also need to buy a toothbrush that uses a small head,soft fur,and is easy to hold to avoid brushing your teeth with a saw.If you can use dental floss and dental flusher every day,it will have a better help in maintaining oral health.

As the age increases,aging changes in the oral mucosa and soft tissues of the elderly may occur, which may appear atrophy,thinning,paleness,dryness,and decreased elasticity.These changes are also the cause of oral mucosal diseases unique to the elderly.Smoking and drinking,bad stimulation of residual roots and crowns,environmental pollution,radiation,genetic factors, etc., also threaten the health of oral soft tissues.

The elderly should pay attention to oral health care and develop good oral hygiene habits. Regular inspection and early intervention can detect oral lesions in a timely manner,effectively control the further development of the disease, and do more with less.Effectively brush your teeth every morning and evening,use dental floss to clean the gaps between teeth,regularly go to the hospital to check your mouth,clean tartars,quit bad habits,and repair missing teeth in a timely manner.These measures can effectively maintain oral health.

Having and maintaining a healthy oral cavity can fully chew food and enjoy precious dishes; as an important gateway for the digestive tract,it provides valuable nutrition to the body together with other organs of the digestive system; and reduces the occurrence of systemic diseases.Having a healthy mouth can better enable people to express their intentions and communicate better with others,thereby highlighting self-esteem and confidence in interpersonal communication.As long as the elderly can fully understand their oral problems,understand the importance of oral health, and take an active action,take care of the oral cavity,will certainly improve overall health and quality of life.

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