6 details of dental handpiece maintenance

  1. The dental handpiece must be lubricated strictly according to the instruction manual. Generally, the high-speed handpiece dental unit should be lubricated twice a day. Low-speed handpieces (straight, curved, motor) once a day.

2. The working air pressure when using the dental handpiece must strictly follow the instructions. Under normal circumstances, the working pressure of the two-hole and three-hole handpiece is 2—2.2Kg, and the working pressure of the four-hole, five-hole, and six-hole handpiece is 2.4—2.5Kg (referring to the pressure at the interface between the mobile phone and the connecting pipe). When the new treatment machine starts to use, the pressure must be adjusted, and the pressure of the treatment machine must be recalibrated after using it for a period of time (about one month).

3. Disinfection: High-temperature steam should be used for disinfection, chemical liquid and dry heat should not be used for disinfection. The disinfection temperature is 135°C, and the maximum time should not exceed 30 minutes. It must be cleaned before disinfection and must be lubricated after disinfection. Note: For dental handpieces with quick-change connectors, the dental handpiece should be removed, and only the handpieces should be sterilized, not the connector. For low-speed dental handpieces, please remove the straight and curved heads for disinfection. Please use alcohol to clean the handpiece when it is dirty.

4. Do not use standard, rusted, aged burs or grinding heads.

5. The cover must not be pressed when the high-speed dental handpiece is turned, so as not to damage the movement. Straight and curved machines cannot be loaded with burs when they are turned.

6. The bur, grinding head, or “standard rod” should be removed and installed once a day, so as to avoid rust if the bur is not removed for a long time.

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