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Sports mouthguard

A sports mouthguard is a kind of “protective cover” worn on the teeth. It can be worn during exercise to cushion the teeth and maxillofacial area when subjected to external forces, reduce local stress, and reduce the incidence of oral and maxillofacial trauma. Reduce the degree of damage. In basketball, boxing and rugby, we often see the colorful things similar to braces spit out of the athletes’ mouths, which are sports mouthguards.

People, especially adolescents, have a high probability of oral and maxillofacial injuries in fierce and antagonistic sports. They are prone to sports dental trauma and have a poor prognosis. The American Dental Association survey shows that wearing sports mouthguards can reduce the risk of oral injury by 60 times. Because of this, the American Dental Association and the International Society of Sports Dentistry jointly recommend that athletes use mouthguards when participating in strenuous sports involving physical impact, and they must be worn at all times during training and competitions.

The sports mouthguard is a kind of shrapnel-shaped shock-absorbing device, which is mostly made of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. It has good cushioning and shock resistance and is non-toxic and safe. It is widely used in making mouthguards. At present, there are three types of dental trays. The custom-made dental trays made by the preventive department of our hospital are currently the first type of dental trays with high comfort and safety performance. It is processed by the dentist according to the tooth model to be protected. Because it is customized for the individual, the protection effect and comfort are good. It can also design a wide range of patterns and match your favorite styles to perfectly combine safety and fashion.

Customized sports mouthguards are divided into four categories according to the degree and type of sports:

a. Light sports mouthguard: suitable for children and adolescents under 10 years of age to perform various sports.

b. Medium-sized sports mouthguard, suitable for primary and middle school students to perform various ball games and competitive sports (basketball, football, martial arts, skating, tennis, etc.)

c. Heavy-duty sports mouthguard, mainly used for boxing, weightlifting, karate, and judo training and competitions, with good shock absorption performance.

d.Professional sports mouthguard, specially designed for professional athletes, such as hockey, ice hockey, polo, etc.

The customization of the mouthguard is not complicated. It usually requires two visits. The first time to take the mold to customize the mouthguard, and the second time to wear and teach the use of the mouthguard, it only takes ten minutes for each visit; not only that, The mouthguard is also very convenient to use, just clean it with a toothbrush after wearing it, store it in a small ventilated box, and rinse with clean water before wearing it.

The custom-made sports mouthguard is tailor-made for everyone, with a moderate size and does not affect speech and breathing. Although it is impossible to completely avoid maxillofacial injuries during exercise, it can greatly reduce the risk of maxillofacial trauma. Let us wear armor on our teeth during exercise.

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