Introduction of Single Crystal Ceramic Bracket Correction

What is a single crystal ceramic bracket(ceramic sapphire braces)

Single crystal ceramic brackets are a category of brackets that are part of orthodontic appliances. Because the color of the brackets is close to the true color of the teeth, it is not easy to detect after use, so it is also called invisible brackets. It does not contain toxic metal ingredients, has good biocompatibility, and is suitable for patients with metal allergies. There is a single crystal material in ceramic brackets. There are different types of braces in orthodontic treatment in dentistry, the following will focus on the correction of single-crystal ceramic sapphire brackets.

Advantages of Single Crystal Ceramic Brackets

  1. Good concealment

The brackets used in the single crystal ceramic brackets are similar in color to the teeth, and they stick to the teeth with better concealment, so the orthodontic process can be completed quietly.

  1. No foreign body sensation

The material of single-crystal ceramic brackets is high-quality ceramics fired at high temperatures, which improves the sophistication of the brackets, and there is no foreign body sensation in the oral cavity.

  1. Durable

Generally, metal brackets are 8.7N per square meter, and single-crystal aligners are 8.95N per square meter, which means that single-crystal ceramic brackets are more durable and not easy to damage.

  1. Good compatibility

The single-crystal ceramic bracket is made of aluminum oxide single crystal material, which breaks through the traditional process and has excellent compatibility.

  1. No stimulation

The corners of the single-crystal ceramic brackets are rounded and strive to achieve the smallest size, which is easy to install and remove, and has no irritation to the oral cavity.

  1. Good fixation

The bottom surface of the bracket of the single-crystal ceramic bracket corrector is a bow-shaped design, and the use of retaining sand solves the problem that the traditional bracket is easy to fall off.

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